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December 6, 1897 – February 24, 1967

Born in Hastings, Michigan.

Father was a Presbyterian minister.

Spent younger life in Monterey, California.

Spent teen age years in Washington, Illinois about fifteen miles east of Peoria, Illinois.

Graduated from Peoria, Illinois High School in 1914. Was valedictorian of his class.

Entered Bradley Technical School (then a two year school – now Bradley University). Graduated as valedictorian of the class in 1916.

Offered scholarship to University of Chicago and also received an appointment to West Point.

Entered West Point in July 1916 as a member of the class of 1918.

Graduated in 1918 spending the Spring and Summer in Europe studying the battlefields and history of World War I. Was a Gold Star graduate having been the top man in his West Point Company.

Entered Engineering School, Fort Belvoir, Virginia in November, 1918 and graduated in 1921.

July 1921 – October 1922: With 7th Engineer Training Company, Fort Snelling, Minnesota as Commanding Officer.

November 1922 – October 1926: With 3rd Engineers, Schofield Barracks, Hawaii.

November 1926 – August 1930: With 6th Engineers, Fort Lewis and Fort Lawton, Tacoma, Washington.

September 1930 – September 1932: Assistant to District Engineer, Los Angeles District, California.

October 1932 – July 1936: Engineer Instructor South Dakota National Guard, Rapid City, North Dakota.

August 1936 – June 1940: Assistant Professor of Military Tactics at University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin.

July 1940 – November 1940: Assistant District Engineer, Sacramento District, California.

December 1940 – June 1942: Commanding Officer, 29th Engineer Topographic Battalion, Portland, Oregon.

July 1942 – March 1944: Commanding Officer, 353rd Engineer General Service Regiment.

April 1944 – November 1945: Commanding Officer, 1177th Engineer Construction Group.

December 1945 – January 1946: Commanding Officer, 5201 Construction Brigade in the Army of Occupation, Fukuoka, Kyushu, Japan.

February 1946 – October 1949: District Engineer, Chicago District, Chicago, Illinois.

November 1949 – April 1951: Commanding Officer, Army Procurement Office, Chicago, Illinois.

May 1951 – June 1955: Division Engineer, Great Lakes Division in charge of the St. Lawrence Seaway Project.

Retired from the Army in 1955.

Married Florence Hogen, September 2, 1930.

They had two children: Peter (1935), Wendy (1950).

Peter Trower is a professor at Virginia Poly –Technical Institute and has three children.

Wendy is a homemaker, married to a veterinarian, they have two children.

Florence Trower lives in Orinda, California. Wendy lives fifteen miles away in Danville, California.


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