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Fall 2003

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Michael De Luca writes “I’m 83 years old and blessed with good health and living a great life here in Arizona. I’m originally from Chicago and moved here to Arizona in 1983. Hope all is well with you”.


Burl Everage's daughter-in-law, Mary Everage, writes, “I want to inform you that Burl Everage passed away December 9, 2001. His wife also passed away on May 4, 2001. It was a hard year for the family. I am writing on the behalf of Burl’s son, Mark. We are sorry that we didn’t get back to you sooner. We really enjoyed reading The Dozer. I think it’s wonderful recording events and all the memories. Burl also gave so much to his family and friends. I know he was proud to serve his country. He grew up in the coal fields of Kentucky. I am sure his life, going in the army and serving his country, was like making a walk through a whole other world. I am sure he made many friends. I couldn’t have asked for a better father-in-law. Everyone who knew Burl Everage has suffered a loss. He was a wonderful man.”


“I’m okay but I depend on my oxygen most of the time. I do without it in the evenings as I watch the TV programs. But use it when I sleep.”


Lorraine McCluskey writes, “Tom was single during his time in the Army but we knew each other for many years. He was my brothers, Dan and Bob Sweeney, best friend. He only lived a few blocks from us in Chicago. I knew Tom since he was 10 years old. When he was in high school he dated my younger sister, Viola, and took her to the Prom. Vi married someone else and they say she broke his heart.

“When my mother had a stroke we decided to move to Florida. We had just been living there for a year when Tom and his parents came for a visit and spent a couple of days with us. We had our first date. After they left Tom and I kept in touch by phone, letters and gifts. A year later Tom and I were married in Orlando, Florida. Tom was 38 and I was 42. At 43 I had a baby girl, Shirley, and at 44 I had Sarah.

“We moved back to Chicago in 1959. I have 5 grandchildren. Tom and I were married 37 years. I thought you might like to hear my story, especially how one’s life can change.

“Most of Tom’s Army buddies have passed away but I do keep in touch with a few of their wives at Christmas time with cards and notes.”


Morris E. Mersing writes, “I have carpal tunnel syndrome that slows me down. I had to give up playing the Lowry organ because of the numbness it caused in my fingers. We have given the organ to a church. Evelyn has reached her 82nd year and has inherited some of the old age problems. Two years ago her legs numbed and she had to use a walker. The problem was spinal stenosis pressing on the nerve system. With medication and an exercise program she is able to walk with a cane. Now, this year, the carpal tunnel syndrome has restricted the use of her hands.

“We are still managing to maintain our home with some help from our kids. Evelyn carries too many pounds of weight but she will have no thought of dieting. She says she will die with a happy stomach, ha.

“Today [September 1, 2003] I am observing my 85th Birthday. I will celebrate by mowing the lawn later in the day.”

BERNARD J. MOSTON (1305R/1393B -/H&S)

Bernie writes, “Illness is the #1 topic of conversation in my senior citizen facility. The facility publishes a monthly newsletter which contains a listing of the newly ill and departed. Nineteen months ago it included my beloved Geraldine. Every month I see a familiar name listed.

“The recent monster hurricane did not touch southern Florida. Thank God.

“I still play some tennis and hand-ball but I’ve cut down on the latter as it is very strenuous. I am now the oldest player in both groups. My days are numbered, however, judging from my morning back pain.”


Robert L. Tiffany's wife, Martha, writes, “. . . received your very nice letter and a copy of The Dozer today. As you know, he has been disabled since 1965. This August 28th he suffered another stroke. He was paralyzed on the right side from the 1965 stroke. This one affected his left side, his speech and coordination. He was in the hospital for 4 days and is now in a nursing home.

“We have tried to get his VA pension reinstated. They took it away from him when I started drawing Social Security in 1987. Received a letter today saying that it was denied again. We are fast losing faith in the Veterans Administration. You men fought for our country but now seem to be a forgotten lot.

“Guess it has been another bad day watching my husband struggle and had to vent my frustrations. I will take your letter and The Dozer in tomorrow and read them to him.”

RICHARD F. VOLP (1052/1393B HQ/HS)

“I was glad to hear of Carl Dahlroos’ recovery from his stroke. Betty is doing a wonderful job caring for her Dad. I will drop him a note this week.

“My wife, Audrey, and I celebrated our 56th wedding anniversary with family and friends with a dinner and open house. We are both in good health in spite of my poor eyesight with macular degeneration.

“I miss my buddy Buck Dennee (FRANCIS J. DENNEE (369R/1393B B/B). We used to get together for visits, fish fries, etc., monthly.”


Jack E. Wright writes “I have been having some health problems but still able to kick and snort. Had a colon cancer removed in January. Doing OK from that. Also had a heart attack a couple of years ago. Taking medication and diet for that. My wife has a hiatial hernia that causes her to lose her lunch a lot of the time.

“I served with Major Bernard Small in Co C 353rd Battalion. Joined as a replacement in New Caledonia in 1944. Left Japan in January 1946. Went to college and became a teacher, coach and counselor. I coached baseball for 22 years. GO CUBS!!!! GO SOX!!!!! How about a cross-town Series???? Wouldn’t that be nice???? [Editor note: Written by Jack on a day in August when both teams were at or near the top]

“I have 4 children. Joyce, 55, who is district office manager for Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance Company, Dean, 53, who is a journeyman machinist for Bethlehem Steel at Burns Harbor plant in Indiana, Steve, 51, who is an IBEW journeyman electrician mostly in power plants and Randy, 38, who is a manufacturers rep for NCR Corp in Dayton, Ohio. Flies all over the world.”

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Fallen Comrades

Burl Everage
353R/353B F/C
December 9, 2001
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Roman F. Klick reports that work is progressing well on the typing of some 1500 WW2 Army letters. The letters from 1943 are substantially completed and work is now in progress on the letters from early 1944. Helping with the project are:

Betty Dahlroos (daughter of Carl E. Dahlroos)
Tommye Davis (daughter of George J. Shubat)
Mary Ann Denney (daughter of Albert Narve)
Patrick Ferrell (grandson of Erwin M. Ferrell)
Mary Koher (daughter of Robert D. Lefever)
Peggy Pulse (daughter of George F. Yantis)
Scott Saewert (son of George C. Saewert)
Jack Wright (erstwhile construction engineer)

Thank you H. Lawrence “Larry” Frazin for sending in a check to help defray postage expense.

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Our Honor Roll of Contributors


Mason E. Litts
Lorraine McCluskey
In memory of her husband, Thomas McCluskey
Steve Misak
Joseph Trush
Mary Yon


Roy E. Bailey
Joseph C. Bass
George A. Benner
Robert E. Johnson
Allan A. Kirchman
Anthony J. Kotowski
Morris E. Mersing
Stanley C. Mohler
Bernard J. Moston
Barbara O’Flanagan
In memory of her father, Charles W. Swartz
Wilfred L. Pierce
Robert A. Stone
Sophie Vlk
Richard F. Volp
Jack E. Wright
George F. Yantis


Paul J. Dieter
Michael De Luca
Gideon C. Holmes III
Frank Kastory
Andrew M. Mathis
Ardson Shegoian
Lester F. Shimon


Donald Paradiso


Carolyn Hoffman
In memory of her husband, Gordon J. Hoffman


Mansel W. Johns

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Roman F. Klick, Publisher
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