Portland, Oregon
November 20, 1942

Dear Aunty Clara:

No. I wasn't in any of the two train wrecks. We passed up both. The one delayed us a whole day. We have been on the train four days and it will soon be five.

It is rumored our final camp will be near Medford, Oregon.

I tried to write several letters on the train but one is so scribbled I am not going to send it. The other is still in process. I will send it from camp. I have lots to write about.

I have only a moment to write this. I really shouldn't be in the depot in the first place.

I hope everything is alright back home.

If you didn't get my short note from Miles City, I will tell you again that Ex-lax finally did the trick,

/s/ Roman

P.S. I used Uncle Jack's return address because I haven't any right now.

Author's annotation July 2004: This letter was airmailed from Portland, Oregon when the train was stopped in the depot.