Confidential Comment on your last letter concerning "My Daddy vs. My Aunty Clara"

That is a hot one. Just because I am his son he figures he has the right to read all my mail I send to people other than himself. I don't know where he gets that idea. I bet you I would have gotten it too had he ever discovered that we censored Uncle Jack's letters too. The fact that a letter is addressed to another person and is that person's property to do with it as he sees fit doesn't seem to occur to my Daddy.

Well, we know that we are financially independent of him and if he doesn't like the way we do things he can lump it. We have gone out of our way, at times, to keep things running smoothly between the two Klick families but if he ever tries to start any rows we can just break off relations --- you know we could.

And, frankly Aunty Clara, I got the biggest kick yet out of this letter in which you told me all this. I almost broke out laughing when I pictured how mad my Daddy can get. His face gets red, his veins swell up, and he glares so his very seriousness is enough to send me into a fit of laughter.

He hasn't answered my letter to him.

So long again,