7 December 1942
Camp White, Oregon

Dear Aunty Clara:

Just a word to let you know I forgot to enclose the key I mentioned in the other letter. I am enclosing it in this one.

Also, would you go downtown near the army recruiting station at about 460 or 430 S State St and look for a store that sells army equipment? It is on the West side of the street. If you find it, buy me an engineers lapel button like Clarence's quartermaster button. The Engineer insignia looks like a castle.

If they have Service of Supply Insignia as I described to be round shoulder pads with a blue star on a white field surrounded by red, buy 7 of them.

I will stand the cost. Take it from the Roman Klick fund. Those things are unavailable here at Camp White or Medford.


#1 Personal Note:

Dear Aunty Clara:

Do you think Aunty Florence would like a camera like mine for Christmas? If you think so, take enough money (about $3 or $4) and go to Kolar's on the South East side of Kedzie and Cermak (about 2 stores from the corner) and buy a Kodak Target Brownie which uses 620 film. Also buy a roll of film at Vintera's and load the camera.

I will have you buy things for me from time to time so I am going to have you set up a little account for me which I will discuss further in Personal Note #2