Dear A. C. --- I worked like a dog to 11 PM Fri nite and until noon today (Sat). I found out that the Co C.1 said we could ask for passes to Medford. I washed, shaved and went to his office but what happens --- I help Lt. Small write out the passes. The last one I wrote I filled in my own name, serial number, rank, etc and handed it to him to sign which he did. I didn't have to stand inspection, answer any questions or anything as all the others had to. My name wasn't even down for a pass but that didn't matter I got it without hesitation.

It sure is unusual to be on the "in". And nice too. I met the Sgt and 2 of the Lts. downtown and the said hello to me by name.

I ate a bag of Karmelkorn, choc. malted and pie for supper.


Medford, Oregon

Dear Aunty Clara:

This little note is just so that I have a little memo that I stopped in the Medford USO. I don't know why my left knee is acting up but it is like Uncle Jack's. I make every step with soreness in the joint. Maybe I'll become a limited service man with a trick knee. It really began the first day I ran the obstacle course but it was only a flash of what was to come. I have most likely aggravated it by walking continuously from 3:00 to 6:00 today. I'm glad I don't have to hike with the Company.


12 December 1042

Received your letter Wednesday Dec 9

Also received two letters from Uncle Joe

And one letter from Aunty Florence

I thank you all for the same but am too busy to answer them now.

Editor's annotation:
1. Co C. refers to the Company Commander