18 December 1942

Dear Aunty Clara:

Cpl Censky left today for Wisconsin. I am Company Clerk.

It is a lot of fun planning just how I am going to run things. This evening I have taken some big brown envelopes and made several files for the different papers. (Using Mechanical Drawing lettering on everything.) I have also made an AGENDA for the morning. I am trying to clear up most of the work so that I can see just what is what. I am less likely to make errors at night and since it is all my own work on my own sayso I do not mind it a bit.

That 5 hours of basic turned out to be 3 hours in the end.

I gave Cpl Censky a letter, which I enclose, to Aunt-Aunt. I hope he stops in at the Nut Shop.

There is some talk that I will still have a few hours of basic but I hope that it is just talk. I am content to do without even the three hours.

Have you still got those affidavits? We may still use them. I just received a card approving the application; so I believe that with minor changes which I can arrange as Company Clerk we will be able to resume our original plan SAFELY. More concerning that later.

Besides that one card, I received no mail today. My morale is crushed. No mail. And just before Christmas on top of it too.

I enclose your Christmas present.

I know that you will understand why I am double spacing and ending my letter now.

So long A. C.,
/s/ Roman

Your Christmas present is $25.00

and no objections

Take the money from my fund

you must use it for yourself

tell me just what you buy

/s/ R

Merry Xmas