27 December 1942
Camp White, Oregon

Dear Aunty Clara:

I was all set to write a letter of thanks to "Joe Vitek" for his gift of $1. I have been very curious and amazed at that gift because I hardly knew him. Now I realize my mistake and have discovered that my eyes were playing me tricks and that it was not Joe Vitek at all but Johnnie Vitek the pressman. That is an entirely different story since I know and like Johnnie Vitek very well. There were quite a few times when I caught sheets on his presses back in Ackermann's and after that I would talk to him regularly and we would always give each other the hello and how are you when we ran across each other. I sure am glad that mystery is explained. I may be able to answer him a little more freely now.

This evening, or since I left you in the first letter, I have been busy learning some of the ropes and other things I told you about. It wasn't until 2000 that I was free and now it is 2130 with still all those letters to dig into. on top of all my present troubles in correspondence who should I get a letter from but Richard Lopez. Now I want to answer him as fast as possible since he took time off to write me and I imagine he is as busy as I am since he mentions that fact in his letter.

I also received a Christmas card from Johnnie O'Neil. I will have to drop him a line and tell him that he took a good colored picture that day.

I haven't opened up the box of candy the Fiala's sent to me but I will have to thank them tonight (I hope I get the chance) sight unseen.

O yes, we had to learn those ropes etc to get a Class A pass. It was a snap. And after all that fuss and bother and waste of time.

/s/ Roman