Camp White, Oregon
12 January 1943
Purely Personal


Dear Aunty Clara:

I talked the situation over with Sgt Nyalka and here is what we can best do about the Allotment and the check for $37.

First of all I must tell you that I am the one that does any deducting or so forth that happens to my pay; so, Newark, New Jersey can not control it. Second, I did not deduct the first $22 as I should have. Third, I have started the deduction of a $30.00 Class E Allotment.

Here is the only way to remedy the situation: You must write a letter that says these things (1) that you do not wish for me to make a dependency allotment for you (2) that, since you intend to go to work, you will only need my continued support for a short while and (3) that you are returning the check for $37. Then have the letter notarized and send it to me with the check. We will then make out a discontinuance of the Allotment, have Warner verify it and send the discontinuance, your letter and the check to New Jersey.

Do not delay in this matter or another check will be starting on its way. It is too bad we hadn't sent the affidavits in and it is too bad that I had to make out the Class E Allotment. Otherwise we could accept the checks as they come in. $37 would help out a lot more than $30.

But then again, on second thought, I remember the income tax situation and I think we are doing the smart thing by refusing the Allotment. This year, as I said before, it will be best for me to claim you as a dependent and pay Aunty Florence's tax. But next year when her income greatly exceeds mine, it would be foolish for me to be tied down to reporting you as a dependent whereas she may save a $100 or more in tax by getting an allowance for your support. You see what I mean, don't you?

You can make that letter, which I mentioned above, as brief as you want to by paraphrasing the summary which I gave above. You can shape it something like this. Gentlemen: I do not wish for my nephew to make a Dependency Allotment in my favor. I intend to secure such employment that I am physically able to perform in the near future and will, therefore, be dependent upon his continued support but for a short while longer. I enclose the Allotment check which I received for the month of December. I understand that we are not entitled to it for that month since there was no deduction made from his salary. Yours very truly.

Be sure to have it notarized to make it official.

Goombye please,
/s/ Roman
Romeo the kidlet