Camp White Oregon
14 January 1943

Dear Aunty Clara:

I will not to be able to write much once again. Tonight I did not work. I went into town and had stripes stitched on by machine on my overcoat, blouse, and shirts. The total bill ran me $2.25! Plus the 30¢ bus fare and a 65¢ meal I made myself look like a Corporal for $3.00 all told.

Beginning 1200 Saturday afternoon Company A is restricted to company area that means a man must be in one of the three places either the mess hall, the barracks or the day room. This may mean no letter writing as well. This order is to continue in effect until further notice. Does this mean that we are finally on the alert? I think it does. I had noticed at the beginning of this week that we were in that the lull before the storm and it looks as if it is going to break. The rumor that we were to be out of here by the fifteenth seems to have some basis in fact because it signifies a day which things start becoming rather significant.

Also, a post order has been issued and it expressly forbids the possession of cameras by the individual soldier and the taking of any pictures. All cameras found after tomorrow evening will be confiscated.

We were also issued heavy boots and helmets. Incidentally this information is of common knowledge to 1300 people in the regiment and I doubt if it could be called secret military information.

I also received a letter from my partner in international intrigue---the one---the only---Señor Gonzalez!!! I also received Aunty Florence's letters and the clippings.

The work has returned to normal and I intend to do no night work whatsoever for at least a week or so (I hope).

/s/ Roman