J A N U A R Y   1 8 T H   I N T H E   Y E A R   O F   O U R L O R D (?)

N I N E T E E N   H U N D R E D   A N D   F O R T Y - T H R E E.

Dearest Aunty Clara:

I spent a very uneventful day today. Things have been going on much the same as usual. The same humdrum existence which has typified my Army life right along. The work in the office is the usual monotonous grind with not very much to do. I believe I will send the last roll of films I took thru the Post Exchange since the new camp restriction does not allow us to mail them back home for developing.

I most probably will be sending the camera home as soon as I find the proper packing equipment. At the same time I think I will send home my library of books which are becoming quite cumbersome. I am going to try to read the book Ray sent to me as fast as I can so that by the end of the week I can send both it and War and Peace home.

I had thought that I might have bought an extra shirt (the wool variety) since the government has just issued a bulletin which allows supply sergeants to sell such items as trousers, shirts, underwear and socks beyond the regular issue. However, I believe that I will stick with the Basic Table of Allowances and get along on the minimum which the government supplies.

Now take the G.I. socks. I do not know how long they will last. Probably at the end of this month they will be worn out. With an extra pair I would not have to worry much about mending; but I guess I will have to get out that sewing kit Marty and Virginia sent to me and do a bit of darning.

I just sent letters to Jimmy Kotek and Bobbie Boyer Sunday night and right away quick comes answers on Monday morning. Bobbie Boyer is no longer in Miami Beach, Florida but has been stationed at Scott Field, Illinois. That is a lucky break for him being stationed so close to home, isn't it? Not like some poor suckers who get sent far far away from their roots.

I am getting tired of this world wide conflict. I never was so crazy about the war and as time goes on I am becoming less and less interested in this life. Perhaps some miracle may occur which will terminate this bloody and fruitless slaughter of human lives and peace may once more reign over the earth. Perhaps some "divine" intervention may work the hand of fate in favor of the Allies and a quick downfall of the forces of evil may be manifest.

I forgot to mention that Jerome Barta also sent me a letter today. I did not answer any of them. I tried to find the time to dash off a few short notes during the noon hour. But you know how things turn out when you plan them. I had to sit around waiting for others to get things ready before I could return and by that time the time was shot.

I will have some interesting items to tell you after I get on the rifle range at the end of this week. At least I hope they will be interesting. I haven't been getting any organized training so I have struck out for myself and am trying to learn the different shooting positions etc. You would be surprised to learn that it is no easy matter this learning how to hold a rifle and how to put the leather sling around your arm and wrist.

Goodbye for the time being and always remember that though I do not everlastingly repeat this fact, I am always thinking of the day when I can return home to you once again.

Sentimentally and lovingly yours,