3 February 1943
Camp White, Oregon

Dear Aunty Clara:

Boy o boy, I received four letters this morning and every one was just about tops. Especially the two fancy ones I received from my Aunts back in Cicero. Yessirree, that new stationery which both you and Aunty Florence used is terrific. The other two letters were from my Dad, Rose and Rosana and from Anita. They all had me smiling, chuckling and feeling good. Incidentally, Anita's letter handed me a laugh in the very first line when she thanked me for the 'remarkably long letter' which in reality had been only a sentence and a half long telling her that I was enclosing a picture of myself.

Things have been popping around here again. First of all the work is being ground out with precision by now --- we are so used to it. Second, we just had to turn in our best suit of O.D. clothes to have cleaned and pressed. The dirty suit we are now wearing will be taken away from us in about a week. I am going to be sure to take off the stripes before turning it in. The irony of it is that the shirt which I sent to the laundry once and as a result is a bit tight fitting around the neck is the one I paid to have the stripes sewed on.

I also have my field jacket back and it feels good to be wearing it once again --- in a clean condition. In a way, I am sorry that I will stop wearing the blouse now that the field jacket is clean because I will not be receiving the compliments and inquiries regarding my Engineer lapel button.

Gee, I wonder if I will get the watch? If I have time tonight, I will write you about some of the new mail restrictions etcetera which the war department has issued. It concerns registering mail and insuring mail. But don't send it until you see for yourself whether it runs or not.

The glasses are for nitz absolutely and positively for free. See, the 'too good to be true' is so.

You folks keep telling me about the shows you either went to see and intended to see and it gets me to thinking that I have not gone to a show since the one I saw with Jerome about three weeks after Clarence died. Somehow I never did seem to get that old enjoyment back at seeing movies. I wonder if when I do see one, I will like it.

So long for a while,
/s/ Roman