Camp White, Oregon
16 February 1943

Dear Aunty Clara:

That mountain to the East has been entertaining me in great fashion during the last few days. You know that it is quite a distance off and that the low hills the rim the valley rise between it and camp. Well, there was a low fog hanging over the valley obscuring the hills while the mountain was clearly visible against the blue sky framed in fleecy clouds. It is very strange to see a mountain peak in the sky without any base for it.

Then again, about two nights ago, just before chow, it presented a very unique and strange appearance. It was brilliantly white and yet there were shadows streaking thru and down its side showing the formation was fingered with indentations

The weather is so warm now that in the morning I find my head and shoulders free of the blankets and there is no chill. Ah to be in Camp White for the Spring and the Summer. At least we will have discovered one thing out of this war that the best time of the year to take a vacation in Oregon is in February at the Rogue Valley.

I wonder what the next destination will be like? Our recent surmise is that we are going to work on the Panama Road. I believe that is just wishful thinking on the part of a great many. It would be too good to be true to think that we would have a job on our hands which would probably last a full year within the Western hemisphere. The beauty about working there would be that we would get foreign service pay and we could get the furloughs which do not begin until we reach the continental United States. And then the furloughs are the 3O-day kind. In that case it would be just dandy, eh?

Gosh, here it is away after eight and I am still writing. I might have finished this sheet but some dope from Company A comes along and starts talking. He had the nerve to say a Company Clerk isn't busy so he knew he wasn't taking up my time. Some crust, I'll say.

I wonder, too, if Warner will ask me how my records are today. I know the right answer now. In fact they are as good as they can be right

Well, finished or not this goes in the mail because I see the mail man, Johnson, getting ready to shove off to the P. 0.

Incidentally, I received a Valentine from Carol. Will Aunty Florence thank her? It was a nice one --- a parody on that song, 'Don't sit Under the Apple Tree with Anyone Else but Me".

/s/ Roman