25 February 1943

Hi Aunty Clara:

It's 2:30 in the afternoon and we are busier than all getout with the bond applications I mentioned in another letter. What is on my mind is that she wrote!!! The letter came airmail too although it has been held up because it was misdirected to Corvallis, Oregon. And does she write swell. In fact, it is terrific. And besides, it was not only one letter but two letters in the same envelope. Details will follow tonight after I calm down and have more time to write.

Until then, I remain

Your Kidlet,
/s/ Roman

I received your letter with the pictures today. The picture of the fellow sitting down is the boy that looks like George. I also received a letter from Bob Hesser, not two hours after I sealed the letter in which I told you it was just about time I was hearing from him.