Camp White, Oregon
4 March 1943

Dear Aunty Clara:

The letters from San Francisco came through yesterday. I received one from Ray (V-mail), one from Mrs. Boyer, one from Anita, one from George, arid two from you. By regular mail I received one from you and one from Aunty Florence. The $5.00 was still in the envelope.

I haven't the time this morning to write much. I had the whole day off work yesterday so the laziness with which I started the day off carried right on thru. I'm very unhappy. I try to realize that Clarence is dead and I can't. I'm thinking too much of myself. It is a laugh to think that you and others did not like my attitude towards life during the past year and will probably be glad to hear that I snapped out of it; but I had more serenity and peacefulness under the former condition than I have now.

Goodbye for now,
/s/ Roman