Camp White, Oregon
15 March 1943

Dear Aunty Clara:

Saturday evening after writing to you, I assembled all my back letters together and planned my program for Sunday. Then I went to bed.

Sunday morning rolled around and I got a comparatively early start; but unfortunately, I was detracked, derailed, sietracked or whatever else you wish to call it. Circumstance over which I had control but did nothing about prevented me from completing my mission in life for that day.

As a result I will have a long long story to tell you about yesterdays' activities which were not devoted to writing letters.

It is five to eight at this time and we have a busy morning ahead. I will write a sixteen page letter this noon if we get caught up on the work. If I don't write this noon, it is hardly likely that you will hear from me tonight, because we all have intentions of going to the ice arena for a bit of free skating.

I have not sent the company pictures as yet. I will first make a new list of names and perhaps a bit about the more interesting persons of the group --- who they are and where they came from and what contact I have with them during the working day.

So long,
/s/ Roman