29 March 1943
Camp White, Oregon

Dear Aunty Clara:

Worry not; fret not. I have not written because (1) I was on three day pass; (2) I started to write Saturday and they thought up some work around the office so I quit and walked out with the letter unfinished; (3) Sunday when I began to write, I was very well into the letter when the inspectors began coming in.

Whether it means anything this time or not the inspecting general's staff has hit the 353rd Regiment hard and is inspecting everything from top to bottom. The colonel is of the opinion that it won't be long now.

I had five pages written of the letter but it is all jumbled up and incoherent so I am going to write it is such a form that no matter when I am interrupted it will not spoil the sense of unity of the epistle.

I knew that my letters would stop for the three days I was on pass (and I had a swell time golfing and going to the show) but I didn't think that circumstances would prevent me from writing it the minute I got back.

Solong until the next letter which I hope I will be able to type up during the daytime today (Monday).

Incidentally, all our clothes and equipment is again spread out on the bunks in the barracks. This time they even inspected our field desks and service records.

Solong again.
/s/ Roman