Cpl Roman F. Klick 36620923
Co "A", 353rd Engr Regt
A.P.O. #502, c/o Postmaster
San Francisco, California
June 25, 1943

Dear Aunty Clara:

Finally I have all your letters to me collected in one spot at once and although I may be rehashing, something you might yourself have forgotten by this time, I will answer any questions that still have some interest to you.

For instance, I can start off by asking about Mrs Barta and the bunco. Has another party been scheduled? And what on earth did they send the boys in the service because undoubtedly whatever it was has never reached me. Probably because of the postal restrictions it was stopped at Frisco.

Another thing is that it was a good idea to keep the negative and tell her that you would give her a picture of Jerome. Once you let a negative slip out of your hands it seems it never comes back again. George Prokopec still has a negative I loaned him.

I hope you have decided to take that airplane ride with Mrs Reed in the near future. Then you can tell me your reaction to it as I told you mine. In the picture "Naughty but Nice" they show one of those 21 passenger luxury liners flying across the continent and landing at a big airport. It sure did make me think of one Saturday morning a few months ago when the plane glided into the Chicago airport. Incidentally, speaking of airplanes, I believe I will resubmit my Air Corps application tomorrow.

Boy o boy, that Myrtle Reed is certainly making something of herself, eh? She is going to become one of those women executives if she doesn't watch out. Now that is the same thing which is happening at RH&R Co with all the gals walking into the higher positions left by the fellows as the go off to war.

While I have it in mind, I have written to no one other than you besides the one letter each to Mrs. Boyer, Aunty Florence and my Dad. In case I do write to anybody I will let you know. Thataway you will know just who has or hasn't heard from me.

Say, that was some excitement with a mock air raid going on right overhead. A lot more interesting, I'll bet, than the blackout we watched from the back porch.

In the course of looking over your mail I have reached the V-mails and they are the handiest little things in the world. I suppose mine come in the photographed variety to you too. They are much easier to keep than the bulky envelopes and the writing shows up perfectly.

Thanks for cleaning out the closet and putting them in a safe place away from the moths. I'll never forget how you told Aunty Florence and I that you go in the closet occasionally shake it to see if there are any moths. That was so funny it makes me smile right now.

How's the Wahoo luck . . . too bad about Doris having to move out . . . what's doing on the vacation in the landlady's summer home? . . . I'm glad you are starting to buy yourself some Christmas presents at last.

/s/ Roman