Cpl Roman F. Klick 36620923
Co "A", 353rd Engr Regt
A.P.O. #502, c/o Postmaster
San Francisco, California
June 29, 1943

Dear Aunty Clara:

I received your letter of June 17th today. That is about the best time your letters seem to make; that is, twelve days. As you surmised in that letter and which you have now long since known, I was at my destination while you were writing that letter. What surprises me is that the government did not send you one of those safe arrival cards which say that I have reached our destination. I fully well expected to be getting your mail with the new APO address by this time. I am looking forward, however, to the next seven days. I believe that within that period I will have received from you the first return mail to my letters. Even though I know that at the present time you at last know that I am alright and that everything is fine in our new location, it will still do me a lot of good to read you own words saying that you know it too.

And you can bet your life that I am trying to remember everything that has been happening ever since we left the States so that perhaps in the years to come, we can fill up many an evening with conversation of the days gone by "over there."

Here is something I noticed the other day and which amused me quite considerably. The natives around here wear pants which are cut off a good way above the ankle. You've seen that type of costume in the movies before I'm sure. Well, the soldiers, including myself are now rolling our pants legs well up above the ankle too. Going native, eh? We find that it pays to do that when going thru a wet open field or around a muddy riverbank. The natives probably had the same idea.

How's this for rusticity: The other morning just after first call and before assembly, I walked over to our office latrine and by golly if in that early morning darkness, I didn't almost run smack dab into a cow. I guess I surprised the cow as well as myself for it moved off rather fast.

I rearranged all of my Army Institute courses today and mailed them a letter stating the why and wherefore of my failure to send in any lessons for the past two months. I hope they believe my reasons to be valid and send me the remainder of the course. My interest in it has been re-awakened and I would like to get all the books. It will be swell if I can finish the whole course and really get some worth out of it which I think I shall.

Incidentally, it is a good thing that tomorrow is pay day because my finances have hit rock bottom with the purchase of a few more boxes of candy, crackers and a brush. This will have to cease immediately in not sooner.

We saw a show at the open air theater again last night. It was "Rebecca" which you will remember was one swell picture. That is the best picture we have seen yet since being overseas. I noticed that they give the date of Rebecca dying as October 12 which Clarence must have heard when he saw the picture. That is the day he died too.

As a closing note I might say that I was happy to hear that the Yankees are in 1st place.

/s/ Roman