Cpl Roman F. Klick 36620923
Co "A", 353rd Engr Regt
A.P.O. #502, c/o Postmaster
San Francisco, California
June 30, 1943

Dear Aunty Clara:

Frankly, I am amazed at the lack of other mail. In other words, where is the mail I'm not getting? Or are the people just tired of waiting and waiting for answers from their letters to me? That is most likely and I must try to remedy that situation.

As I told you in the letter previous to this one, I am once again studying my Army Institute course. You will recall that it was on surveying and mapping. The lesson I am now on is Leveling and deals mostly with the instruments employed in leveling. The tough part about it is that you have to learn the different parts and their uses and their adjustments all on paper and there is no opportunity to actually see or use the real instrument itself. I noticed that on the first lesson. They gave me a grade of 96 and the only error I made was in using different symbols for a standard formula. If I can do as well on this second lesson I know that the rest of the course will be a snap.

Some time has elapsed between the first two paragraphs and this present one. For one thing I received another letter from you. This one was dated the 19th of June. Whew, isn't that fast delivery? That was the letter in which you told me that Cicero has finally been assigned a postal district number. You will note that I have used it in a rather forgetful manner. It is as hard getting used to putting "50" after Cicero as it probably was hard for you to adjust yourself to the change in our APO number after using that other one for so long.

It just hit me like a bolt of lightning this evening that if I didn't get out a letter to Rosana and Uncle Jack immediately I would miss their birthdays on July 14. You will receive, perhaps coincident with this letter the carbon copies of the letters. I realize that this letter is now taboo because I mentioned the fact that I am sending you the carbons again so in the future letters will say that I wrote such and such a person and you will understand that the carbon is on the way. If I am sending you no carbon, I will say to you that I am not filing the letter. That way, no one outside the household will realize that you are getting copies of the letters.

Incidentally, I am still wearing Beaumont's watch and he seems to be in no particular hurry to get it back. I hope he feels that way until mine finally arrives.

Speaking of Beaumont reminds me that I do not have his wife's address to give to you but I do have Jack's mother's address. It is: Mrs J Molyneaux 815 Green St Norristown PA. He (Jack) received another letter from his other saying that she didn't write you after all and I still do not know what the story is beyond this letter writing. I'll have Harvey Beaumont's wife's address for you tomorrow.

When I get out of this Army, my stomach is going to be immune from candy aches and pains. To top off two boxes of candy I am now in the midst of devouring more than half a box of Hershey milk chocolates.

So-long for now,
/s/ Roman