Cpl Roman F. Klick 36620923
Co "A", 353rd Engr Regt
A.P.O. #502, c/o Postmaster
San Francisco, California
July 14, 1943

Dear Aunty Clara,

I have been thinking of quite a few things to say but I probably will forget most of them before I can finish writing this letter. To get back to the very recent happenings I will tell you about the show we saw this evening. It was "Cabin in the Sky" with Ethel Waters and Rochester. You perhaps remember that it was a picture with an all colored cast and it was a fantasy of good fighting the evil. I enjoyed it rather well. I am seeing more pictures now than I ever saw before in my life. Back home it was rare the day that I went to a movie and during the first four months in the army I didn't see a one. That started it though when I did go to see that first movie and my attendance at the shows has steadily increased until now I just don't miss a picture.

I have a humorous incident to relate to you in connection with Ray A Gradler, the bugler. He was on duty yesterday morning and to everyone's surprise he gave out in swing! Yessiree, he blew the first three calls of the morning (First Call, Reveille and Assembly) with a hot bugle. When he finished with the last jive note in Reveille the boys in the tents started to yell out that they wanted more. If he had been given the okay, he would have blew all the calls with an off beat and a modern rhythm but he was asked if he thinks he is Harry James. And since he isn't he shouldn't be trying to imitate him.

Also in connection with Ray A Gradler is a song which you know but put to different lyrics. It is "Show Me the Way to Go Home" dressed up in this manner, "Show me the way to my residence, I'm fatigued and I want to retire. I had a little stimulant about an hour ago and it sadly affected my anatomy. Wherever I may perpetrate, on the turf or salty brine, you will always hear me vocalizing this ballad, show me the way to my residence". It sounds crazy when you hear it sung for the first time.

I did not receive any mail from you today but I hardly expected any since I had such fast delivery on those that came in yesterday.

Blumenfeld and I haven't been getting together very much for I don't know just what reason and his wife noticed the lack of my name in his letters. As a result she asks him if our beautiful friendship has come to a crash. Now when Blumenfeld read that passage to me we both roared out in laughter just why we did we still don't know but there was a bit of satire there that did set us both off. Incidentally, he has put his application for Officer's Training in the Adjutant General Department of the Army. His chances of going are very slim since away back in the days of Camp White a bulletin came out asking for applicants in that field with such qualifications as he has but only in a very limited number. Added to the fact that he is now overseas is that the limited number may have already been chosen. Anyway he is willing to take that chance. Incidentally, John T. Edie has been enrolled in the Veterans of Foreign Wars in his local post. That is really getting the jump on things, eh? The only reason his name wasn't enrolled in the American Legion is (he says) to join them you must have to be an ex-soldier and not still in the midst of the war making you a veteran. It will seem funny though that if I get back from the war and join the American Legion I will be going to the meetings along with my Dad who tried his darnest to join the Junior American Legion.

In letter after letter, you have told me how you were just going or just coming from the dentist. It still makes me shudder a bit but I wish I were there to get an occasional checkup. If you and Aunty Florence still go to the dentist, will you say hello to Dr Kolar for me?

/s/ Roman