Cpl Roman F. Klick 36620923
Co "A", 353rd Engr Regt
A.P.O. #502, c/o Postmaster
San Francisco, California
July 23, 1943

Dear Aunty Clara,

That talk about George and I meeting somewhere overseas may come true after all because quite a few fellows are meeting friends and relatives in the service on this island. One fellow met his son or father or something like that. Another fellow met his brother and Censky met a boyfriend of his from his own home town, Tigerton, Wisconsin. Another unusual coincidence was that a fellow that used to be in our outfit when we were back in the states is now on this island connected with another outfit.

That fellow Steinhauser is in H&S Company. Evidently he had a job at the Great Lakes Mortgage Company that was similar to the one Chester Evans (Ray Suchoski's brother) had at Rathborne. He is a young fellow and although I have heard his name mentioned several times I do not know him at sight.

By the way, I did not copy down Mrs. Reed's letter or the one Myrtle sent the other day because I did not think I should have taken up the space in the letters of those dates. Hereafter, I will sub them in on the dull days when just nothing happens to write about or in a special letter all by themselves. Mrs. Boyer's letter on the other hand is very short and can easily be included right now. She writes very large and although she fills the V-mail form up she says very little. "Dear Ro: -- Glad to hear from you. Got your letter telling me all about your initiation into the realm of King Neptune" -- She must have interpreted my descriptions of the initiations as if I had actually taken part in them which I didn't - "It sounded like a lot of fun. Hope you're ok and enjoying your trip, if that's at all possible during these hectic days. Bob just left for Richmond, VA lat Monday the 5th of July but I just got a wire from him telling me that he was to move again so I just don't know where he'll end up. No, Geo is not with him now, he is a gunner in Texas. Wish there was more room to write a longer letter but I'll write again soon. Be good. Love, H. Boyer"

I will write Mrs. Reed and Myrtle answers to their letters very soon. And I will wait a few more days before I send Senor Gonzalez a thank you note for the wrist band for the watch. If you kept your fingers crossed real tight and it managed to cross the ocean by air I should be getting it within a few days. Otherwise it will be weeks before it arrives and then who knows maybe it will never get here and if I were to wait until then to thank him he would never receive my thanks. That $21.00 price for the stretching kind of wrist band is rather exorbitant even if it is wartime. I suppose we were lucky that they had some of the cheaper metal bands left.

Just before leaving the states, Lt. Hanton ordered quite a number of magazines for our dayroom and just lately they have begun coming in. Although they are a few weeks old, it is just as if we were walking into the service club back in Camp White when you see all those new magazines laying on the table. I've been up to some of my old tricks of wasting time by reading them for a few hours after supper every day there isn't any show. One of the predominant articles in most magazines is the subject of postwar America and the chances for jobs, prosperity and happiness. Another favorite subject is Russia and a third seems to be this new helicopter of Sikorsky. Have you read anything about it? The thing travels 90 miles an hour, can go straight up or down, hover in the air and stop on a dime. There is a good chance that it will become the family airplane of tomorrow. If that ever happens, you can bet that we are going to own one.

They say that our regiment is in the newsreels back home. Did you see any newsreels recently with anything about Camp White and us? I don't know whether that is just a rumor or fact.

Added to my collection of rough drafts of letters is one to Tommy Mashos. When I am going to get around to typing them up and sending them out is something I haven't figured out yet.

/s/ Roman