Cpl Roman F. Klick 36620923
Co "A", 353rd Engr Regt
A.P.O. #502, c/o Postmaster
San Francisco, California
July 28, 1943

Dear Aunty Clara,

O my goodness, dear me and what do you know about that? I didn't understand you when you told me that this smaller type is easier to read. I thought you meant the capital letters thus proving what Jack Molyneaux and I had thought. For once we were wrong. Since I have never received a V-mail letter which was typewritten, I can't judge the difference between the two. From now on, until you want it changed, I will write in lower case letters.

I hit that jack pot again as far as the mail was concerned today. Four letters. The only trouble is that three of the letters were from you. Now don't get me wrong, it isn't bad nor is it hard to take three letters from you at one time; but the chances are that now for the next two or three days I will receive none from you. That is bad. Anyway the other letter was the present which you claim Mrs. Barta said the block sent to the boys. It is a check for $3.00 drawn from the Western National Bank. Inside the envelope, in addition to the check, was a note written June 18 "Dear Roman: This contribution is sent to you with the good wishes of your neighbors, Victory Club Zone 52. Yours truly, Mrs. E. Kujawa, Sec." When I had first looked at the envelope I did not pay any attention to the return address but just couldn't figure out who Mrs. Kujawa was. Then I noticed the address 5607 W. 22nd Pl and I realized that it must have been something to do with that get-together you spoke of. The money is very welcome at this time but it looks as if maybe it will have to go right back home, uncashed. There doesn't seem to be the readiness hereabouts to take bank money orders. Postal money orders are more easily cashed because we have a US Postal office. When I told the fellows at the office just what kind of problem I was now in, they, especially Nyalka, told me to look it up in the Army Regulations to see what the rate of exchange was between a Cicero bank money order and United States currency. I will let you know if I am sending the check back. If I do send it back, I will probably endorse it to the bank for you to deposit so that we will loose nothing if it is lost en route.

The letters I received from you were dated the 15th, 15th, and the 16th of July. I care about as much for fish as I always did which isn't very much. The other day three fellows from our company made a wire net to stretch across the little creek in front of our tents. The result of their little endeavor was three rock bass which they had S/Sgt Nugent cook up for them to eat. This entire island swarms with fish and the Chaplain ran an article in the "Bulldozer" describing in detail just where and how to fish in these parts.

For the love of Pete, can you imagine that! I just can't get over the fact that three people in our family all have birthdays on the same day now. Gosh, that is something. Uncle Jack will certainly be surprised to find out that another newcomer chose his date to come into this world. And it also serves to clutter up the month of July a bit more with our birthdays. I myself almost landed on the 27th too. That really would have complicated matters, eh? There would have been double birthdays from beginning to end.

Jerome seems to be so young to be working at Sears, doesn't he? Yet nowadays that seems to be the thing. He must have plenty of dough to spend on his golf clubs, bicycles, sports and girls. Ever since last summer he began dreaming of getting himself some sort of job which would pay good money. I wouldn't be surprised if he bought himself a motorcycle or a second hand car by this time.

Yes, Aunty Clara, since the assistant clerks have returned to the companies, the clerks take care of the work alone. When such jobs come up that the attention of two men is necessary or advisable, we team together. Usually Jack and I help each other out.

/s/ Roman