Somewhere in the Southwest Pacific
2210       28 July 1943

Dear Aunty Clara:

Here is the check for $3.00 which the Victory Club sent to me. You will note that it is endorsed "Pay to the Order of Miss Clara Klick Only". This means that it is not transferable and that it will be impossible for you to cash it in any of the stores. You will have to cash it at the bank sometime or another. Remember, it is your money to pay for all the excess postage you have been wasting by sending me those packages which I requested, and for sending me a cablegram for my birthday (was it supposed to be for my 24th birthday? Maybe that's why the delay) and for sending a dollar for me to the Millers.

/s/ Roman

P.S.: Well it won't be long now before I'll be home again. Still going by Secretary Knox's statement of a six year war, we have only five years, eleven months and twenty-three days to go.

/s/ Ro