Cpl Roman F. Klick 36620923
Co "A", 353rd Engr Regt
A.P.O. #502, c/o Postmaster
San Francisco, California
August 11, 1943

Dear Aunty Clara,

Once again I am writing to you before suppertime because I may not have the chance of writing you in the evening. Lt Yantis is attending a school for Personnel Officers on certain nights of the week so I will have to take over for him during those nights. We are beginning to show movies at another outfit three nights a week beginning this evening and I will have to go with him to see what kind of set-up they have so that Friday night I will be able to handle it alone while he is off to school once again.

I tried the unusual in the line of swimming today. I made it during the noon hour and all it amounted to was a bath and not a swim. It was refreshing.

The candy situation is well in hand. I bought a box of Tangos and now have on hand a supply of Hershey's, Tangos and assorted wafers. Besides buying up the available candy I did something I always wanted to do and that is get hold of several more tooth brush cases and tooth brushes. I bought three of each and that way I will be able to change brushes for each brushing and give them more of a chance to dry out. As it has been going the brushes are wet all the time. The articles cost 10¢ each --- a total outlay of 60¢ --- so you see I am getting some good out of the birthday present which the Klicks sent to me.

The watch has run successfully for 22 ½ hours now and there seems to be no sign of a letup. All day long I have been showing people the watch which I have been expecting for such a long time.

Last night past eleven o'clock, Sgt Driscoll and I got into quite a discussion about insurance and insurance that can be bought thru the government and in civilian life. We also went off into inflation and stock markets. You see, Sgt Driscoll is a former insurance man and I guess he would be a fairly reliable guide for information regarding the relative merits of the various policies. So far his advice is that under present conditions it is rather hard to say a long term policy would be the best and he rather sticks to the short term level premium policy which can get you the most insurance for the minimum amount of payment. I explained to him several of the factors involved in the 20-year insurance I told you about the other day and he does not believe I have got the figures straight. He says that the monthly rate should be almost twice the rate I told him it was. At some future date we plan to investigate the situation a bit more carefully --- and with the little reference book at hand.

I received your letter of August 2nd this afternoon. Too bad Aunt-Aunt couldn't have taken a swing up into the mountains of Oregon and particularly the scenic Rogue Valley. Of course, the whole of the West is just filled with swell spots but I'll still take Medford, Oregon as the best of them all.

Years ago when I was a small child it seemed that grandmothers were all old women and white-haired. Nowadays it seems just everybody is a grandmother and so young. Mrs. Reed and Aunt-Aunt are most certainly not typical grandmothers --- nor for that matter is Aunty Stella or Mrs Bernatsky. At the rate my romances are progressing it will be a couple more decades before a woman comes along that will marry me so you can have the consolation that when you become a grandmother you will look the part and be old enough to be one.

I wonder if any of the Ciceronians recognized little Mary Lopez in her disguise of Mrs. Keeling and the mother of Bobby Keeling?

Incidentally, do you remember those stories about Alexander Botts in the Post? He used to be the salesman for the Earthworm Tractor Company and now he carries on the same hilarious adventures as a very non-GI captain in the army.

/s/ Roman