Cpl Roman F. Klick 36620923
Co "A", 353rd Engr Regt
A.P.O. #502, c/o Postmaster
San Francisco, California
August 19, 1943

Dear Aunty Clara,

I received your letter written on Sunday, 8 August 1943. It is not a very nice thing to talk about people but what can you do when they are just what you have to say about them? For example, the last time Anna came in from California she was alright for the first two days but then we never did see her in all the time she remained in town even to her going back again.

Did they bring the Buick back with them from California or did they sell it out there? How come you were the one to make arrangements at the church? I hope that Uncle Jack does do what you say he ought to; that is to go out, get a job and become independent once again. I imagine he has had a rather easy time of it during the past years being paid more or less for being a companion to Stack.

Well, I got my two week haircut today. The fellows in the office just don't believe that I even went close to a barber shop because I had so little of it cut off. That however, is the purpose I want to achieve. I probably told you that haircuts cost only 25¢ now so you can see that the outlay is negligible.

My finances are dwindling now. The latest statement leaves me with $1.55 but considering that this is the 19th of the month and that payday is only 11 days off, I believe I will be well able to hold out. Of course, this month I was aided by outside sources having received the money from the Klicks and the Michalaks. But then you will recall that this last month saw me give away half my pay at the beginning of the month to pay up loans during July. This next month will find me in a solid financial condition and I will have the entire $12.80 for myself.

Incidentally, from the looks of things on the war front, it seems that the invasion of continental Europe may begin in advance of either mine or Campbell's expectations. If the invasion begins prior to October 10, 1943, neither Campbell nor myself will have to pay off. I really do not see how the Allies can remain just two miles from continental Europe at the tip of Italy for two full months without attempting a landing. With such terrific air superiority as the Allies can now muster and with Rome (a vital center for communications and transportation) being declared an open city, it seems as if the conquest of all Southern Italy should not be any more difficult than going thru Tunisia or Sicily.

Another question is what the real situation is on the Russian front. They certainly have made a big push within the last month and if it continues on into the Fall and Winter, Germany will find itself fighting very close to its own borders.

The girl whom I could not name last night was Virginia Field. She also plays in "the Crystal Ball". Because I will not be going to the show this evening, I hope to be able to write a few letters. Just how many I will write or to whom I will write I will not say because it usually does not happen as I plan it.

My piano playing has shown no measurable improvement today but I did practice at noon and very early in the morning. The piano thumping has been going on almost a week now and the boys are wondering when it will wear off. I don't know why they are so nice to me but if the person sitting at the piano knows that I'm the guy who spends a hour fishing for one key, he usually gets up and lets me begin. Perhaps that is just a clever way of letting me get my fill of piano playing so that I won't be back again and again.

No news is good news --- that means the watch is running okay. Larry Isaacson walked in about ten minutes ago and wants to go swimming. I will oblige. It is harder writing something when another person is impatiently walking up and down or beating a tune out with their foot.

/s/ Roman