Cpl Roman F. Klick 36620923
Co "A", 353rd Engr Regt
A.P.O. #502, c/o Postmaster
San Francisco, California
13 September 1943

Dear Aunty Clara:
Blue Monday

When I got back to the tent before suppertime, Censky told me that it was settled that I could keep my canvas covered foot shelf and my footlocker on these conditions. The first condition was that I cut my foot locker down in size so that it would fit under my bed. The second condition was that if I kept the canvas covered foot shelf I must still have room to keep my shoes under the bed. Nothing was supposed to be anyplace but under the bed and everything had to be neat. When Censky told me that last one about everything being neat, I had to laugh. Up until this new GI arrangement had come along he had never bothered to even make up his bed in the mornings and compared to any of the other four fellows in my tent I think that my bed and equipment was the neatest.

Nevertheless, immediately after supper I got busy with my plan and it took me until eleven o'clock to convert the foot locker to a new size. Even now there are some adjustments which will be necessary before it will be conveniently usable. I have kept the tray in and it now is a drawer which slides out. The slide of the foot-locker can be opened and the top is now nailed down; therefore, it never need be moved. The drawer will be very good for handkerchiefs, socks, underwear, brushes, matches, candles, towels, soap, and other such articles. The bottom section can not now hold near as much as formerly for it is there I took the three and a half inches from. Right now I have placed extra soap, old letters, miscellaneous items, empty candy boxes, and leggings in it. I really can not stuff it because the top tray will not slide out otherwise. Most of the things in that bottom section will be in boxes and will resemble my bureau drawer at home with nothing but boxes to keep my shirts in.

I hope that tomorrow will write the last chapter and the conclusion to further efforts expanded in that direction. The original footlocker was quite an achievement for me not being a carpenter but to alter it that drastically and still come out with something looking half way decent swells up my ego to an even greater extent. I know now that I have found a hobby for myself when I get out into civilian life. I'm going to have a wood workshop to tinker around in.

No mail today so no answers to letters are in order. By the way, I finally answered the Victory Club Zone 52 and thanked them for their contribution.

A small stray goat was walking around our mess hall this evening. They are the nicest little things when they are small and their bleating sound so comical. This little one had black legs up to the knees and it gave the impression of him having boots.

Either this island hasn't as much natural beauty or else I am losing my touch with beauty in nature. In days gone by hardly a week passed in which I didn't rave about something I had seen that was worth talking about. This country is not the ideal such as Oregon was. Medford had a steady even temperature throughout the day and the night and there was a complete absence of wind. I don't think there is another place on the face of this globe which can compare with the Rogue Valley. One of the scenes which will live my memory forever was the Shangri-la effect the Rogue Valley had when after sailing thru oceans of clouds from the middle of the continent to the West Coast and then down the West Coast to Medford where seemingly a miracle had transpired and the clouds had opened to let the sun stream forth into its wonderland.

I haven't mentioned my candy consumption for the past two day but I've held it in check. Yes, instead of eating a dozen bars or even a whole box, I have limited myself to about eight bars a day plus two boxes of cookies.

/s/ Roman