Cpl Roman F. Klick 36620923
Co "A", 353rd Engr Regt
A.P.O. #502, c/o Postmaster
San Francisco, California
September 21, 1943

Dear Aunty Clara,

The show is over but is being run again for the 1st Sgts. You see, tonight was school night and they missed out on the show. They came back just as the windup ran off the reel. They ran around like chickens with their heads cut off until they managed to obtain the permission of Lt Yantis so that they could have a private showing of the picture. Sgt Wanner and Sgt Driscoll were the only two who didn't think they rated such a special performance. I realize that they miss good pictures once in a while by going to school on a movie night but still in all what right have eight or nine men to demand that much? On the other hand I don't blame them for pulling strings to get things for themselves like that because they never asked to go to that school in the first place. But then again you could say, why not have a reshowing for some fifty or one hundred men who were probably working in their companies or out on a job during that time?

What probably is the basis for the above complaint is that I had a tough enough time getting to write the first letter to you this day and I was looking forward to an opportunity for writing a more leisurely penned letter after the show. At first I blamed Lt Yantis for so willingly agreeing to a reshowing knowing full well that it would take away the remaining portion of my evening. But even there, if you analyze the situation, he can not be blamed. He has had a hard day today up to his neck in work, having to work in the Personnel Section this evening and being in conference with the Colonel and the Major almost incessantly. With all that he can't be blamed for not thinking of my time or even if he did, he was justified in using the old expression, "He's in the Army isn't he?" That means he is on duty 24 hours a day!

I think I would make an excellent Chamberlain because I waste so much time thinking about the other fellow's point of view.

But whether or not I though of the reasons behind Lt Yantis's action I still was determined not show a second show and fortunately S/Sgt Forgosh, the Battalion Sgt Major, was there and I recalled that it was he who used to help Yantis show the training films back in camp. I promptly pushed the job onto him and naturally he couldn't kick because they were getting what they had asked for. What I will have to do is go up there in about an hour to rewind the film once again and close up shop for the night.

Today was the day the false ceiling was put up in our office. It is made of Burlap and is a pretty nifty job. You can't imagine what a help it is. It must have lowered the average temperature from five to ten degrees. Now I can understand why we sweltered so living on the top floor right underneath a flat roof during all those hot summers when Mrs. Reed's downstairs flat seemed to remain cool.

Say, it was a good thing I did come into the office because I had completely forgotten about telling another Corporal in the company that I would be down to the office right after the movies and fill out an Army Institute Application for him.

It amazes me every time I look back into the years to those days when I worked, went to school in the evenings, did the necessary homework (even if it was the minimum amount), read books far into the night and still found time to talk an evening away with you.

By the way, the picture was swell. It's about a girl who plays records as an early morning program. They are all the jive kind and each record comes to life with the guest stars on the screen. Among the hits were Frank Sinatra and the Radio Rogues. The Rogues are new to me but they were the best of all. Three fellows and all aces at imitations of voices. Between the three they must have imitated two dozen personalities.

/s/ Roman