Cpl Roman F. Klick 36620923
Co "A", 353rd Engr Regt
A.P.O. #502, c/o Postmaster
San Francisco, California
22 September 1943

Dear Aunty Clara,

Remember my footlocker? Well, I opened the drawer up today and found little bits of paper and all kinds of little black particles. Yes, those really teeny weeny mice managed to raid the place and evidently built a little home in it. I can see that I will have to take drastic action and put a stop to such tricks. What gets me is that I keep no food such as candy, cookies, or peanuts in my footlocker or around my bed. The other fellows in the tent are well stocked with such items. Those leetl mice must eat the other fellows food and come into my footlocker to sleep and do their business.

But that isn't the end of the little story I have to tell you about these sun of a guns. As I was showing the movie this evening, I felt something hit against my leg but paid no attention to it. A little later I felt it again but by that time I realized what was happening. The bottom of their projection booth was filled with little mice (about two or three) running hither and thither over the ground. They evidently had been jumping up on my pants leg but couldn't hold on.

Which all reminds me that Sgt Driscoll had kidded me about how they thought it would have been a joke to appoint me the Rodent and Vermin Non-com for the Company and instead of the Corporal that did get the job. Now I don't think that was such a bad idea. At least I could keep the rascals out of my stuff.

Steinhauser, Red Bari, Carl Bickle, Rose and myself went up to the movies this evening. The Mouse drove there and Red drove back and I still think they are the safest drivers. The picture had two bad breaks in the film during the second reel and three places where the sprocket holes had been damaged causing the film to run away.

It is the firm belief among the Personnel Clerks that our Adjutant is becoming Island Happy. We even told him to his face that we thought those mountains were beginning to close in on him. You see, someone suggested that he might even make the office cooler than it is by having a sprinkling system up above the false ceiling. That gave him the idea that in the ceiling were kept wet, it would help keep the place cool. So he had Mike get the spray gun filled with water and he began spraying the entire ceiling. No kidding, Aunty Clara, you just aren't going to believe some of the things that I will tell you about years from now which are going on in the Army now.

Coming back from the other outfit we passed the group of natives who had been watching the movies. By golly, if the native women don't carry handbags which are duplicates in size to some of the monstrosities which American women lug around with them. Most of them hang against their left hip from a cord slung over their head on their right shoulders. There is enough room in those purses to hold picnic lunches for the whole family.

By the way, I still haven't sent you Do's note; but will do so either today or tomorrow. And then there is still that financial matter which I must take up with you within the near future.

The khaki pants sent to the laundry are coming back pressed, which means that the GI laundry is on the job now. Within a short while we hope to be sending the rest of our laundry other than the pants and shirts to the GI laundry and we can wash our hands of the wash.

I suppose I should answer some other letters tonight but it is almost ten-thirty and I think I ought to go to sleep instead. Besides, tomorrow night is free and I should have time to write an extra letter or two then.

So for now it is Solong,

/s/ Roman