Cpl Roman F. Klick 36620923
Co "A", 353rd Engr Regt
A.P.O. #502, c/o Postmaster
San Francisco, California
27 September 1943

Dear Aunty Clara,

By golly, I have finally just about conquered my back log in unanswered letters. I only need to write letters to Aunt-Aunt and to Anita and I will have no more letters due to anyone. As I sit here writing this letter I have waiting to be censored in my desk a letter to Eleanor, another to Marie and a third to Ray. Then there are a few others addressed to you. All in all there are either V-mails ready to go and within the next two or three days I will get them all sent.

T/5 Sol Gordon walked in the office this evening (after I had finished writing, fortunately for me) and started an hour long conversation. Although he took up quite a bit of my time, I must say that his story was quite interesting. He had the unusual job in civilian life of booking pictures for Paramount. He was the fellow the local theater owners in a certain district contacted to arrange their future programs. It seemed to be an interesting way to make a living according to what he said and sounded similar to the job of production manager at RH&R.

The generator at the other outfit broke down or something and they called up that there would be no movie this evening; therefore, Lt Yantis had an unexpected night off. The show for tomorrow is "The Spoilers."

Shortly after supper the entire mob of fellow clerks came down to write letters and even M/Sgt Meyers of Regimental Headquarters was in here writing. I don't know why they ask me what to write about but they always do. All I do is tell them what I write about and once in a while they think it is good enough for their letters and that gives them a few more lines.

There were no letters for me today but after such a steady flow of mail since the middle of last week, a one day let up is nothing to worry about. I expect that tomorrow I will have one or more.

By the way, I was going to answer Mrs. Reed's birthday card but have changed my mind. If I didn't thank her for the card in Myrtle's letter, will you please tell her the next time you speak to her over the phone that I wanted to be sure she was thanked?

The war seems to have reached one of those lulls in which we are holding our own or moving forward but slightly. It seems funny but at times like this you get the prophecies that it will still be a long war but let us move ahead rapidly and better our positions with a few strategic moves and you will hear everyone saying the war will be over by Christmas. The commentators and prognosticators are like the wind.

Didn't you ever get to take any more pictures with the camera? Take a couple of pictures and send them along because I would like to see a few new ones. You know, I would even like to see a few pictures of anything along 22nd Street. Like paving the center of the street, or a picture of the elevated station or other familiar scenes like that. Don't ask me why I like crazy pictures like that because I don't know. Or how about a picture of Uncle Jack? What would be another good Christmas present --- a little bunch of pictures of everybody and everything.

By golly, its only four days until payday. They sure do come around fast. That means another week before we start the payrolls again. Almost every clerk was called up by the Finance Department this month on something concerning the payroll. All but me. I hope that that means everything was o.k. Everytime the payrolls come back from town, we clerks go down to our company to find out if it was alright or whether there were mistakes which we had overlooked. It is almost like waiting for election returns.

Does Uncle Joe still mix in politics? If he does, you can tell him that he ought to see about having a ballot sent out to me or something like that. One thing I want make sure of and that is to be able to vote in the Presidential election next year.

So-long,   /s/ Roman   Roman