Cpl Roman F. Klick 36620923
Co "A", 353rd Engr Regt
A.P.O. #502, c/o Postmaster
San Francisco, California
1 Oct 43

Dear Aunty Clara,

Today was the first time I went into town with the boys to attend Administration School. The subject was "The Company Clerk and his Duties". Unfortunately (perhaps I should say fortunately) the speaker of the evening never got that far because the loud speaking system was out of order and his voice gave out rather quickly. The school is a farce because the fellow copied out on paper the same words which I read in an Army Clerk manual not two days ago --- word for word.

I saw Blumenfeld at this revival meeting but all I got from him was a very short and quick hello. I approached him and said that I was an old friend and I wanted him to say hello a little slower. The curt words that he was busy put an end to the conversations and I did not bother to look for him after the class was over. Looks like our beautiful friendship has come to a cease.

I knew Larry was in town at the services but did not know just where and did not want to take the chance of having to come back to camp alone. It was shortly after seven fifteen when we headed home and I was sorry to leave the town which seemed so much more alive than ever before at night. We didn't even stop to get some French donuts or lemonade.

Regimental Headquarter's gang was with us and Wally Moeller (who today was promoted to Staff Sergeant). He now will draw $115.20 per month. It peeves us clerks that we have been forgotten when it comes to this extra pay. All the other places and headquarters offices have violated the table of organization and given higher ratings to their men with the colonel's approval yet the company clerks have remained corporals, at the base of $66 per. Lt. Warner, when he was Personnel Adjutant, had spoken to the Colonel about getting sergeant's pay and rating for the clerks and had his approval. We only had to go overseas and he would see to it that we would get them. But Lt Warner did not come with us and Lt Yantis has never bothered to aid us in that line. From time to time there are ratings open in the companys and they could just as well be slipped to the company clerk as not. In fact, you will remember that Yank and Liberty came out for the very thing last winter. That is how these other fellows have managed to get the extra pay. Some people think that clerks aren't worth the money just because they don't bend their backs but for the type of work we think we are worth every bit of the pay if not more. Especially so when we see men without skill holding down jobs with the same pay as us.

Another discrepancy is the difference in rank between the Sergeant Major (Technical Sergeant Nyalka) and the clerks (Corporals). For instance, the problem could be easily remedied at times like this when in several companys there are sergeant ratings open --- they could be given to the clerk. In my company alone there are two recently vacant ratings and if Lt Hanton wanted to, he could give one to the clerk. F company and either C or D have somewhat similar set ups also. It only takes one to start and the rest would follow suit. Anyway, that has been the type of discussion the promotion of Wally Moeller has provoked in and around these parts.

That $5 beating I took at dice when we first landed on this Island still has a stiffening effect on my will power. Pay day night and there is a good game going on in every day room but I can't even get interested in the scientific angle of it anymore.

From the first joys on being in such an ideal place as this Island I have been slowly edging away from the idea as I find fault with it here and there. True enough, it is a lazy man's Paradise but it can never compare to Oregon. What brings this sour note is that I have discovered the ravaging effects of mildew. All my shoes, clothes and personal items stored in my footlocker and left untouched for some time have become moldy. The little picture holder is literally covered with orange mold. And all the clothes have a clammy dampness to them. More about this tomorrow. Say, I forgot to mention that I received your letter of the 20th and found it extra interesting.

So-long,   /s/ Roman   Roman