Cpl Roman F. Klick 36620923
Co "A", 353rd Engr Regt
A.P.O. #502, c/o Postmaster
San Francisco, California
October 5, 1943

Dear Aunty Clara,

Here it is October 5th almost a year since Clarence died. I've been thinking back over this last year quite a bit and the changes which have taken place during its course. It is nothing to make me any too happy. My predated V-mails go up to October 12 but not beyond. It is high time that I prepare a few more for the remainder of the year.

They advertised in the Daily Bulletin for the claiming of unclaimed telegrams today but my name wasn't listed. Can't you get a refund or something of the sort from the telegraph company for the money they swindled you out of?

I received two letters from you today dated the 24th and 25th of September. How is it that you write one letter a day and yet I have been receiving two a day from you? Either they are behind time or else I am going to have a few letterless days within a short while. Your mention of Gary Moore's craziness got me started and Larry was wondering where in the world I had suddenly picked up such a string of nonsense. He thought the mountains were closing in on me.

Jack Molyneaux said that he goes to those big outdoor religious gatherings which they have in Philadelphia from time to time; so you hit it on the head that he would have enjoyed the "Holy Hour" they held in Soldier's Field. I hope those Christmas cards aren't held up with the rest of the Holiday mail because that would be a good one having a couple dozen cards come in the mail on January 1 or thereabouts.

It is still a strange sensation to have you write about those anticipated visits of Aunt-Aunt before you ever begin to write (i.e., before I get the first letter) the visit is already part of history. Yet in spite of that fact, as I sit here typing this letter, knowing full well that the visit is over and Aunt-Aunt is back in Milwaukee, I can't help thinking that it will not have taken place until I hear you tell about it in a letter. I imagine the same applies in your case with my letters. It is sort of an escape used to counteract the lapse of time which takes place between the writing of the letter and its final receipt.

It is still a moot point whether we will have to go to school after supper or not. I don't know what they are waiting until the last minute for but that's the way it goes.

Both Lt Yantis and I agreed that we don't like traveling up the island with the machine and as a result we will try to see if Gordon won't take it on those evenings. This Friday night I am going to take over for Gordon because it is his holiday of holidays, the Yom Kippur. Larry is getting the other corporal of the guard to take his place for Friday and Saturday too. They are one up on everyone else in the way of days off because not only do they have their regular religious days off but then they will get off at Christmas time like the rest of us.

In typical Army style the OCS papers which I have typed up are now bouncing back because some changes have been made. When I get home, I am going to put everything just one certain way and do everything just one way according to habit and heaven help the person who dares try to change anything.

I had intended going up to the Projection Booth sometime during the course of the day in order to fix up the first reel for tonight's run in our amphitheater but Gordon beat me to it. H felt that he needed the practice in splicing. He now knows the business just as good as either Lt Yantis or I know it so from now on he should be able to put on the show all be his lonesome.

You'll be hearing from me again this evening so until then, until the eventful night of October 5th, this is your kidlet and still "little Shaver", signing off.

/s/ Roman