Cpl Roman F. Klick 36620923
Co "A", 353rd Engr Regt
A.P.O. #502, c/o Postmaster
San Francisco, California
15 October 1943

Dear Aunty Clara,

The highlights of the day since I last wrote you have been that (1) I hope I haven't discovered a clue as to the whereabouts of the missing letters of the 17th and 18th of September because early this evening, while fishing thru my fatigue pockets for something I pulled forth two crumpled bits of V-mail. Yes, two V-mails from the 14th. (2) I am just about ready to throw out all my dirty clothes. (3) I finally smartened up and put on some mosquito lotion.

But about this laundry business. For the first time since doing my own washing I made a bjeak out of it. That wonderful idea of thinking that by letting it soak in water for days and days would automatically clean it was all wet and the clothes have not only begun to rot but also smell to high heaven. The stench they give off is similar to the fragrant odor of a putrefying rat. I brought them over to the shower rooms where the fellows began asking what died in the place. Frankly, I was embarrassed and rinsed them out as fast as possible and brought them back to the tent where I intended to hang them on the line to dry the old water out of them.

This mosquito lotion stuff is smeared all over my hands, face, neck, arms and legs. No bug is going to bite me this evening if I can help it. While I was gone to put on the junk, Larry annihilated just about all the pests in the office tent, making it almost sure that they weren't going to strike at either of us.

Gordon is up the Island with the movies and it isn't determined as yet whether or not I will show the movies three consecutive days starting tomorrow night or Sunday night. Really, the Saturday-Sunday-Monday evening combination is the best because there are no two pictures alike in that three day stretch.

You've probably heard about the move back in the states to give all overseas personnel a furlough every six months providing that military schedules etcetera will not be disrupted or retarded because of that. So now the talk is starting as to where the best places would be to go to as a furlough and what to do during those days. You see, these kinds of furloughs would not permit a return trip home but just a look see around the neighboring localities in this Southwest Pacific Theater Area.

Then too, there is that talk in Congress these days about sending outfits back home after they have served overseas a certain length of time. That would be okay if they passed a law like that because it is a cinch for the war to last long enough for us to become eligible for a return trip. Today marked the end of the first week (7 days) of the 1001 days Jack and I estimated the war would last.

The PX is still supplied with Butterfingers and in spite of the fact that I do not care very much for them I am piling them away at the rate of two yesterday and four today. It has been a dog's age since the last decent candy in these parts.

It is only quarter after eight and I should write answers to the Milwaukee bunch and to Uncle Jack but, as in all preceding nights, I am tired and I think I'll go to bed instead of staying up racking my brain trying to write letters.

By the way, Mike passed out those booklets on Government Insurance once again and I asked him for an extra one to send home. Since it is not a restricted booklet, I can do so. I'll send it along in a slow mail because I doubt if it would go airmail because it is rather heavy when compared to an ordinary letter. Then if my Dad wants to look into the situation as it really, is he can borrow the booklet. I could send it directly to him but then it would be his book. This way I might have use for it after we are discharged from this Army and want to straighten some Insurance matter out.

/s/ Roman