Cpl Roman F. Klick 36620923
Co "A", 353rd Engr Regt
A.P.O. #502, c/o Postmaster
San Francisco, California
6 November 1943

Dear Aunty Clara,

The show for this evening is "Reveille With Beverly" and since I have seen it once before I do not think I will go to see this evening's showing until the last reel. I would like to see once again the little skit put on by "The Radio Rogue's". Gordon is running the show and either Lt. Yantis or myself will run it tomorrow when we will have "Almost Married". As yet there have been no applicants for the full time job of Projectionist.

I didn't know that Anna had gone that far to try to keep you from knowing where she was living. Not that it matters where she lives because I'm pretty sure you don't care one bit, but it is the principle of the thing. It certainly would be tempting to disclaim any knowledge as to a party by her name when the mailman comes around with the insurance check but that would just be lowering oneself to spite another person. It would be like sinking down in her class and by being above such petty tactics you prove that you are much more of a person.

Did I tell you that whenever we go down to the other outfit to get cokes, we bring back the paper cup they serve it to us in? That way we now have paper cups for ourselves to use in drinking water from the Lister bags or when drinking some of the PX fruit juices. Before we had these paper cups, we used to fold pieces of bond paper so that it would hold the water for us long enough to get a drink.

The PX sure did get a shipment of those vanilla wafers in. I've bought five more boxes making a total of ten in two days. In a way they are better than candy bars because they won't make a person sick and they fill you up better as well as taking a little longer to eat. Also in the refreshment line was the beer ration of four cans and one bottle with my share going to John T. Edie as usual. That boy not only gets his share and mine but he also gets Larry's beer. By the time he gets out of this Army he will be able to re-enter Chicago politics a better politician than when he left for the Army. He'll have the bay window which seems to be just as necessary as having sold newspapers.

At this point I took time out to go to the movie and was just in time to hear the best numbers of the show in the last reel. It is just before nine o'clock right now but instead of writing any other letters I think I will read some more of the Daily News and study some French which I didn't do yet for today.

The paper skipped an entire week and instead of getting the world series news day by day it was started out with three games played and the teams on their way to St. Loueey for the wind up. Jack and I noticed a beauty contest being conducted by the Waller High School and have made three selections from the candidates pictured. We hope that on the 22nd of October the News printed the results so we can find out whether or not we are good judges.

We also noticed in the paper a startling new typewriter keyboard designed by some fellow in the Navy, we came to the conclusion that the guy didn't have a thing to do so he went to work on changing the typewriter in typical Army and Navy style.

By the way, it is a good thing we have the oil stove in the kitchen, eh? According to the news bulletins, the people who converted their oil heating plants to coal this winter to save fuel are now being faced with a possible coal shortage account of those strikes. How anyone can strike during war time is beyond me. There is hardly anyone today who does not receive enough money in their salary to pay for the necessities of life which in wartime should be sufficient. Most of them, however, are merely selfish and try to make money out of the war and hate to see the next guy making more than they are getting. It makes me madder yet when I think that those strikes might be keeping me in this lousy army a few days longer by prolonging the war.

/s/ Roman