Cpl Roman F. Klick 36620923
Co "A", 353rd Engr Regt
A.P.O. #502, c/o Postmaster
San Francisco, California
10 November 1943

Dear Aunty Clara,

Two hours of sleep last night had to be sufficient since I just couldn't crowd anymore into the 3:30 to 3:30 period. But the sacrifice was worth it, Aunty Clara, because all the Christmas cards are mailed now. All told I believe I sent out forty-three cards. I gave Jack the remaining ones (mostly religious) to use for himself.

I noticed that last year I sent out 38 cards but there are many which I cut out this year such as Alex Everett, Bruno and several people who I have lost track of during the year. As always, my girl friends, boy friends and most liked people got the best cards. The one which I thought the cutest of them all (it showed a snow white lamb with a holly wreath crown) went to Miss Svolos of the Cicero Svolos.

Unfortunately, because you bought them, I didn't send any back to you; but because I had a rather nice one left over I sent it on to Aunty Florence who ordinarily wouldn't get one from that bunch because I figured she saw them too.

Added to my list this year were the Fialas, Mrs. Vintera and Bob Hesser. I sent one to both Ackermann's and Rathborne's. With Mrs. Vintera's I enclosed a little thank you note for the favor she did us. Several people from both Rathborne and Ackermann's sent me cards last year but I shall let the group card do for them as well. For instance, had I sent a card to Ray Miller I would have had to send one to Bob Richert, then Johnnie O'Neal etcetera. To Frank Bruno and George Hutchison it is different since the card goes direct to their homes.

Either I have it written down in some obscure corner or else I never did jot down Arguelles address so I sent his card to the Spanish Club in the Delaware Building. After all the card addressing was over and I had turned them in, I remembered the Victory Club for Zone 52 but I'll just forget them now.

The work this morning was mostly typing and it kept me on my toes so that I didn't have a chance to doze off or even feel sleepy. It wasn't until late afternoon that I noticed my thoughts had become a bit distracted. Nothing which a full night's sleep won't cure.

The mail tonight is just about as large as yesterday's but after two day's of packages and things, I'm not expecting anything more than a V-mail or two.

Gordon will run the machine up at the other outfit this evening but I will not drive him today. Larry was on guard yesterday and did not get to see the picture "Vivacious Lady" so he will take Gordon up and see the movie at the same time.

But now back to those Christmas cards again. As a reward for getting the cards mailed I disbanded my French class for last night and today. It has always been with me that the spirit of having done the job and done it well comes to me after the Christmas card problem has been settled. It was much easier to send them out this year because the cards were there and it was either use them or don't send any. Then there was such a limited time to do them in with me dilly-dallying. In yesteryear there would be the trips to the dime store or novelty shops to look over these and then those and then those again. First I'd buy some of those and then one other special one I liked --- well, you know yourself how card shopping is done, and it takes forever and a day.

My problem for tonight is to either get those short thank you letters written or tackle the whole thing and send out full-fledged letters.

Of course, that will come after I listen to the news broadcast and then dwell over the maps for a half an hour or so. Jack likes the book but I made him promise to stop marking up the maps the way he does. Every advance or newly won isle is usually heavily blotted out by the way to keep up to date with our conquests.

/s/ Roman