Cpl Roman F. Klick 36620923
Co "A", 353rd Engr Regt
A.P.O. #502, c/o Postmaster
San Francisco, California
19 November 1943

Dear Aunty Clara,

There was no mail this afternoon but there is a promise of an exceptional amount in this evening's mail. I'm beginning to wonder quite a bit just what is in a package coming from New York from you and Aunty Florence. I have two guesses as to what type of book it is and I have even guessed at the titles but I'm not so sure that I could say for certain.

We fixed up our Personal Section tent a little bit better today. You see, the front flaps had not been fastened securely and when a strong wind blows about they would become loosened and would unfurl over the celluscreen. Elmer Keck made little metal clips which now hold the rolled up fronts just about the celluscreening giving the tent a much neater and trim appearance than before.

I noticed a magazine in the Dayroom at lunch today and it was entitled "Flying". It is an Army Air Corps publication, rather large sized and has almost four hundred pages. The thing is chuck full with pictures of the various planes, stories of aviations beginnings, plans for aviation in the future and present day activities of aviation on the fighting fronts. It is primarily for the men of the Air Corps and more so the fellows who are doing the actual flying but even for the layman it is very interesting.

I do not know whether I am going to go across the river with Brown this evening or not. Last night he soloed at our amphitheater so the other place should be a cinch now. If I could have this evening to myself, I believe that I could knock down the latest backlog of unanswered letters and thank you notes.

The fellows are also going out to play a volley ball game and somehow I feel in the mood, after yesterday's short practice, to go out there and give my best for dear old Personnel. Those nuts which were enclosed in Aunty Lillie's gift box were terribly stale and the fellows didn't even finish the thing off today. As a general rule you will find that the good things disappear like lightning. The fruit cake is marked "Hillman's" on the label so I imagine it comes from Hillman's downtown.

The PX has tins of chocolate in again, tins of Planter's peanuts, cans of fruit juices and candy bars; but because I have so much food in my desk right now and because I am pretty low on the cash, I haven't been buying any of it.

The Home Edition of the Bulldozer just came out and I will mail one to you this evening. It is only two pages long and hasn't much news in it this time but is filled up mainly with poems and funny stories.

The talk of the office this AM was the horrible flop of the H&S stage show last night directed by Sgt Baron. The fellows are disclaiming that they are in H&S Company and say they belong to the new company, G Company, which consists of all those fellows who didn't take part in the show.

Last night we had a guest artist appear with the band. His name was something like Gene Heinkel and he was supposed to have been a whistler with Sammy Kaye back in civilian life. He was good and could hit all the notes with his pipes and even brought in a trembling which made it sound as if two fellows were doing the whistling.

You know, I never did get around to making any holder for the V-mail forms and they were still in a old candy box. Schwartz, the E Company Clerk, made himself a wooden holder with wooden hinges and carved into the cover "V-mail". It looks rather nice but I do not think I would want to keep mine exactly that way.

I tried juggling a hammer, a softball and a nail today and could do it. It looks ridiculous and has possibilities for an act if there could be other things to be along with it.

/s/ Roman