Cpl Roman F. Klick 36620923
Co "A", 353rd Engr Regt
A.P.O. #502, c/o Postmaster
San Francisco, California
28 November 1943

Dear Aunty Clara,

The show this evening was good entertainment especially since nothing happened to the hero, Zorro. If it had followed the run of other pictures, the hero would have met a disastrous end.

I can see now that I will not be able to leave my Daily News down in Personnel anymore because I never did get to thoroughly read the last three copies and the Sunday boys spirited them away. Oh well, at least I read the jokes and the sport page.

Incidentally, in the picture, "The Mark of Zorro", Eugene Palette played the part of a Spanish padre and is almost seemed a sacrilege to have him in that role. The fellows laughed every time he appeared on the screen. The movie producers undoubtedly intended for him to create a laugh because in one wild and wooly scene he is bopping fellows on the head and every time he does he says "God forgive me".

Rizzo is playing an old familiar tune on the piano right now and it set me off into dreaming daydreams. The song is "La Espanola" which was the first fairly decent piece I played on the piano accordion and the only one I can ever remember playing. That piano accordion was a nice instrument even though I became lax in my practice of it. I think that as time went on I would have begun playing it more and more to hear the music and amuse myself. There are two things which prevented me from going for it in a big way when I did have it. One was that my Dad promised me a saxophone and regardless of the fact that I probably would have been just as lousy on a sax as any other musical instrument I might have tried, it was still a disappointment to have received a piano accordion instead. Second, I thought it more of a drudgery or a task to play an instrument. It isn't until one grows older that you realize you can find enjoyment and rest in making your own music even if it isn't so good.

While I realize it would be a good thing to write some other letters this evening, I do not believe I shall since I know too well how sleepy and drowsy I will feel all day tomorrow if I do not get sufficient sleep tonight. With the tent all fixed up, no movies to worry about and the Company show seemingly dropped I should have Monday evening free from four o'clock to eleven o'clock taking time out for supper and the news broadcast. That should be enough time to bring all my correspondence up to date. One thing which is going to be rather difficult and that is to find enough to say to everyone in the letters.

Tomorrow is supposed to be my day off providing all my work is caught up. Well, it so happens that I have a lot of work to do so it would not be right to leave it for Tuesday when the payroll is just around the corner and who knows what work Tuesday will bring. What I would like to do is to spend the entire day in bed reading my Christmas book but I'm afraid that is out. Just my luck that today they put up a notice on the bulletin board that all those who did not have a three day pass and would like to go to the Recreation Camp could do so and leave starting noon today. With the work the way it is I could not see my way clear to knocking off for three days. That you be the life though to bum around not doing one single thing for three solid days. Of course, then I would have to write out my letters in long hand and that would be a good days work since I've been accustomed to lazily pounding out the notes on a typewriter.

Mersing plays cribbage and says it is rather interesting. Someday in the future when he and I find ourselves in the tent with nothing to do, we will have to play a game. My chess playing has also fallen off so I think I'm going to take that little miniature set out of my desk and hide it away in my footlocker.

So-long,   /s/ Roman   Roman