1 December 1943

Dear Aunty Clara,

Please use part of this money to buy Aunty Florence a Christmas present with. Perhaps a pair of gloves, a pocket book or maybe even a dress. Or maybe you could buy her a lot of small items like perfume etcetera and wrap them up separate like a lot of gifts. Whatever it is it is up to you to decide and you can probably use anywheres from five to ten dollars for this.

The rest of the money, either thirty-five or forty dollars, is for you and I hope you can buy something with it sooner than you did with the last birthday money.

To set your mind at ease right now as to how and where all this money came from I will explain right now instead of having you ask me in a return mail. Five dollars is what I saved out of my July pay and the rest came from my ten dollar pay savings during the months of August, September, October and November.

/s/ Roman

P.S. "Merry Christmas"