Cpl Roman F. Klick 36620923
Co "A", 353rd Engr Regt
A.P.O. #502, c/o Postmaster
San Francisco, California
30 December 1943

Dear Aunty Clara,
In New Caledonia on Thursday

I'm sick. Sick of the lousy mail service of the last three days. Just think, only one measly letter in three days time and then today comes the big morale up-lifter, one penny postal card from the Reader's Digest telling me that the magazine is coming once again. Why I knew that months ago (well, at least a month ago). But can you imagine it? After having such a good record all month I run into this last week and floppo, no mail. At least the postal card kept me from having a letterless day. Jack and I both went without mail yesterday so that makes us still pretty even with me one up on him but I have a hunch that this evening is going to see him go away out in front. What gets me is that on these days when I don't have any mail, I have to wait until four o'clock to find it out. It takes longer to sort out a big shipment of airmail and regular mail than it does to go thru a bunch of V-mail.

After finishing the letters last night, I read a bit of Galsworthy and still was able to get to bed by eleven o'clock. I read thru his days at Harrow during his teens and am now on page 51. If I could keep up that rate for the next month or so, it would be just okay by me because that way a person can read just enough for one day to satisfy oneself and the book will still be able to last for quite a few more readings.

We have been having quite a to-do about the moving picture for this evening. Originally, the picture "Mr. Big" was scheduled with that youngster, Donald O'Connor but since our movie schedule for January calls for it next Tuesday, we decided to get it changed if we could. We did, and the sign had to be redrawn for the new picture, "Flying Tigers." But that isn't all yet. The fellows were commenting that they ought to make up their minds and that by this evening they would have another sign up. Sure enough, Brown just came back from downtown and said another switch had been made. This time it is "Undercover Man". I hope I haven't seen the picture because like the last time I said that I would run the picture for Brown it was changed to something I had already seen and wouldn't have gone to see over again if I had not been running the projector. Brown is going to go to a dance in town this evening. I would much rather that he take off on a night when the show is over at the outfit across the river because that would mean a little spin in the car.

I didn't get a chance to work on my informational roster once throughout the entire day. Tomorrow of the next day will be the last chance for that for some time. I wish I had the thing done because as it is now there are quite a few loose sheets laying in my desk with various information on them and it won't be until the entire book is completed that I can staple them together.

O, by the way, my finger is taped up again. I tried typing in the morning with the cut finger as I had the night before but I noticed a little tinge of pain and my finger flinched every time I struck a key with it. I then saw that the cut had reopened along the surface and instead of aggravating it still further and causing a possible infection, I rebandaged it to keep it closed and also remind me not strike any keys with that finger.

The count of candy bars for today is two with one can of orange-grapefruit juice (20¢) thrown in for good measure. I have reason to believe that before the day is done, the candy count is going to be much higher. What, with a show going on tonight. Someone mentioned a USO show but I haven't heard anything since, so I doubt it very much that we will have it.

I didn't get the haircut either and I didn't write to Bob Hesser last night.

It is four-thirty now and I think I'll meander off to my tent and read a Daily News to get my mind off things in general. Suddenly this war seems to dragging on and on and on. Do you realize that we are becoming overseas veterans out her in New Caledone?

So-long,   /s/ Roman   Roman