Cpl Roman F. Klick 36620923
HS 1393 Engr APO 709
c/o PM San Francisco, California
20 May 1944

Dear Aunty Clara,
Saturday Night

Should I be humbled or should I only feel that at least my deserts have come to me? I didn't receive the ten letters I said I was going to get this afternoon but I did receive close to it by a total of ten less three which is seven (countem 7). Four of them were from you, nope, wrong again, I got four V-mails from Cicero but only two of them were from you dated the 8th and the 9th of May. The other two from Cicero were dated on the 7th and were from my own Uncle Jack who seems to be getting along rather nicely now that he is in the groove on that collection job. But that leaves three letters still unaccounted for, right? Forgive me if I take my time about telling of these letters but since they come to me like water to a thirsty man, I want to taste of them as long as I can. The first letter I received today was regular letter which Jack through, there I go with my spelling, I mean threw out of his little window in the chicken wire of his post office. It was from New Caledonia and naturally since the old outfit isn't there any longer, it could only be from one person and that was Charley Matcha. He says he received a letter from Aunty Florence and, incidentally, he is moving this week to within about three blocks of our old camp. Can you imagine that! Then I received my second and third when Jack gave Bill Grauel a bunch of "old Mail" with the 353rd addresses on it and asked him to distribute it between A and B companies now B and H&S. In that group I had two letters and they were from Bob Boyer, who seems to have become quite a prolific writer these days, and the other one was an Easter Greetings slightly delayed from the Reeds. It was mailed April 5, 1944 and took a month and 15 days to reach me. I guess all the mail that goes down to New Caledonia now will be more delayed than ever since it will have to go up to where the old outfit is now and then come back to this place. The three letters were read and appreciated but that did not satisfy me since I knew very well that I just had to receive a couple of letters from you today. But that Jack Molyneaux just knew that I was waiting for them so he deliberately held them back. I was so anxious to get them that I went up to him even before he finished sorting out the mail and asked him to let me deliver the mail in the office. He did alright but there wasn't one in the bunch from you or the ones from Uncle Jack. Boy , I stormed back there and gave it to him both barrels so do you know what he did? He goes and pushes one letter out through the chicken wire on one side of the post office and then when I go around the desks to get that one, he pushes the other one through the other side and so on until all four letters were "delivered".

I guess there will have to be a pause in my letter writing at this time for Hippity-Hop has just come into the office and it is his typewriter I am using. He wants to type a letter and that leaves no typewriters available until some future time when one of these other typists finishes or when Hipp finishes his letters.

It is too bad that this interruption has had to come for I feel in the mood to write about ten pages to you and then to write about fifteen other letters to different people.

So-long,   /s/ Roman   Roman