Cpl Roman F. Klick 36620923
HS 1393 Engr APO 709
c/o PM San Francisco, California

Dear Uncle Jack,
Saturday Nite

I received your two letters of the 7th today and have been fortunate enough to have the time this evening to write an answer. The work is getting to a point, rather suddenly too, where the end is in sight and it is needless to say that I am thankful for that. It is okay to do an occasional day of hard work but when it continues day after day without let-up, it begins getting one down. After a few more days, I believe that I can put my own job aside for a bit and really give the new H&S Company Clerk, Leishman, the guidance he needs and should have had while making up the payroll. The H&S payroll was turned into Finance a day late so they are "getting even" with us by announcing that we shall get our pay not on the 31st but sometime after that.

You and I both had the same idea in connection with Charlie Grimm injecting new life into the Cubs even if it is only meant more showmanship on the field. It would be swell if by some miracle he could raise the sorry mess Wilson left him up into the first division. Although the way things have been going for the Bruins this last month, it looks hopeless. Even the Radio Paper APO 709 is groaning at the continual defeats of the Chicago Cubs.

So the collection job is turning out to be okay, eh? It is a good thing you are in a "high class" district because the collections are much easier there than they would be in the other places. I found it that way when I collected for Jack Seefer. It was a snap collecting along Austin Blvd or in the "Island" district of Chicago, but the going got kind of tough between 16th and Roosevelt Road.

Those atabrine tablets we take for malaria will never keep us from getting the disease but will merely suppress it until such a time as we stop taking them. It is merely sound military economy to keep the troops in the field from being incapacitated with the sickness. They do no end of kidding back and forth about everyone's skin turning yellow under the atabrine dosage and there is a bit of truth in it for the skin does color ever so slightly.

Those police calls you listen to can be mighty interesting and amusing sometimes. Everything from hysterical women, prowlers, and robberies on down to some cranky neighbor complaining about the rowdy kids in the neighborhood. Do you ever hear any calls that come right within the neighborhood of your location?

For the first time since leaving the States, I've been listening to the radio programs for two of the fellows in or new office have radio sets. Some of the recent programs I have heard are the early morning wake up hour of jazz and jive, Jack Benny, the Hit Parade, Suspense, Command Performance (which they say civilians never hear) and the news broadcasts.

So-long,       Roman