Cpl Roman F. Klick 36620923
HS 1393 Engr APO 709
c/o PM San Francisco, California
23 May 44

Dear Aunty Clara,

We have just come back from seeing "Government Girl" with Sonny Tufts and Olivia DeHavilland and Anne Shirley. It was a riot and we laughed straight thru the entire picture. We have now had three good shows right in a row which is something. Before the main picture was on we had a short with Count Basie and it was terrific with his entire band giving out with the boogie woogie beat.

Lewis, Sackett, Milligan (remember Milligan who used to help Cpl Quint and who Molyneaux tried to get as a Company Clerk?) and I all went to the show together with the office seats under our arms. We have a fairly level spot right down there in front of the screen and sit in comfort for a change instead of squatting on the ground the way we have been doing for over a year now. Milligan sure wants to get back into the office in a bad way and for the past weeks Jack and I have put his name forward anytime that there was an opening for a clerk or the like and since Lt Suiter thought well of him too, it looks as if he may get his break soon and become a clerk-typist in one of the other headquarters sections. He reminds me a good deal of Junior Barta in his physical appearance and in a few of his characteristic actions. He is a nice fellow and will be a welcome addition to our staff sections.

The Canteen opened up in a hurry right after the show and we mixed ourselves a cool glass or rather canteen cup of malted milk and it was delicious. No kidding, sometimes you hit the exact mixture with the right blend of malt and there just isn't a better drink outside of the natural fresh milk itself. We have cans and cans of the Rosemary type milk (Borden brand) piled up in reserve and they think we have too much but at the rate we are going it isn't any too much at all for we easily finish off a can a day between the three and sometimes four of us (Myers rarely drinks milk nowadays). (He has too much beer).

We turned in our laundry after work this afternoon and I really had a good turn in this week since I missed it last week when I also missed the movie "Claudia". I turned in about three sets of fatigue clothes along with miscellaneous items, such as socks, underwear, handkerchiefs, etcetera.

We are getting high class in the drinks being sold to the companies now. It is Budweiser Beer in the long, thin-necked bottles. I've never had any Budweiser that I can remember so I don't know whether I will like it or not but just the same I bought my quota of four bottles for ten cents each bottle and stored them away in my foot-locker for some future thirsty day.

I can't say I put out very heavy this afternoon but I did what I could do in the way of officer rosters with what information was available to me. I also continued the job of inserting all the personnel memos and things into the officer's 201 files. I also talked to Cpl Cheney, formerly Officers Clerk in the 353rd, and he said he had long since stopped cluttering up his files with all those insignificant changes in duties of an officer but since Lt Suiter wants to have me keep our records in that order, I will do so. It is a fairly interesting job when it comes to typing true copies of orders for that requires perfect typing but since it is straight stuff and not form typing, one can rattle it off in no time and there is some satisfaction found in being able to see a neat duplicate produced of the original order.

Well, tomorrow morning I'm, going to get started on my officer pay vouchers or at least I will get started on them sometime during the day tomorrow. I'm glad that I've got to a point in my work (my own individual work that is) where I can see ahead to plan work in advance of the deadline days. Of course, after I get all my work caught up to the point where I'm looking for something to do, I'm going to have to go over the H&S records with a fine comb to get the all straightened out for the June payroll.

So-long,   /s/ Roman   Roman