Cpl Roman F. Klick 36620923
HS 1393 Engr APO 709
c/o PM San Francisco, California
25 May 44

Dear Aunty Clara.

O gee o gosh, what is to happen now. Pat wrote me two V-mails and continues that she will write soon again. However, in the one letter she thaws out so much as to say Dear Ro instead of the usual Hi Ro and then in the next letter it is back to Hi Ro and a paragraph telling me about how other boys are beginning to notice that she is an unusual gal because one of them walked into the restaurant she works at and gave her 14 gardenias. That is quite some present, eh? I wonder if she rates her men on the flowers she gets from them. I hope not.

I also received another letter today and that was from Mrs Reed. I got the letter from Mrs Reed in the morning mail and didn't expect anything else today because very very seldom does Lynd ever bring anything back in the afternoon. But today it was a different story and I received the two letters from Pat and two letters from you dated the 14th and the 15th. And say, what in the world is the matter with me. Here I'm gabbing about letters when I received a package from both you and Aunty Florence today. Thank you very much and it was a surprise that was a surprise. These candies are going to be rationed this time. They are the freshest they have ever come and just melt in the mouth. It is going to be hard to keep from opening up that second box the minute I finish the first one. I received the box of candy while down at work but didn't open it there since they have no appreciation for good candy as I told you once before and all they would think of was filling their stomachs and those Mallow Delights couldn't pass around the office one time with the number of men we now have working in here. However, I took out about ¾ of one box and have been eating them and passing them out to particular friends. And another thing, thanks for the can opener. It was just what I needed and I have already put it working.

You ask if I ever saw "Great Man's Lady". Well, yes and no. That was the picture which I ran off back in New Caledonia when the machine was on the blink and it was a silent picture as far as I was concerned so I don't remember very much about it except that Barbara Stanwyck was shown as an old woman on several occasions and then as a young woman and that she had some trouble with the men in her life but that in the end everything turned out alright.

Tonight they are having the stage show "Suiter's Follies" put on by the personnel of the 1393rd Battalion. We can't miss that one. The movie is the Case of the Class Key or something on that order. The new theater area is not ready yet but is gradually whipping into shape. They have the projection booth high up on stilts and is a regular little house. The stage is very large and they have already set the movie screen in the rear of it. The seats are now under construction and several rows of them are all set complete with backs. It will seem funny to sit down again just as in a regular theater, Taking a chair out there is something different because we are the exception whereas the entire audience will be sitting in seats once again.

How are Renee's teeth on the picture? Have the new ones come out good? Is the prettiness still there in her face? Does it look as if she is really going to be a Latin dazzler when she grows up?

Jack Molyneaux may have time to do a lot of postcard drawing but he doesn't do much writing of letters since he can't stick a V-mail into typewriters during working hours anymore than we could back in New Caledonia. However, he will not come down into the office at night for any reason even if it is only for typing up a letter so he asked me to type him up a letter to his mother with the words to "Ireland must be Heaven because my Mother comes from there" in it. I agreed to do it and in turn he is going to draw me a birthday card for me to send to Uncle Jack on the 14th of July. That's fair exchange and it will give you a chance to see how he draws.

/s/ Roman