Cpl Roman F. Klick 36620923
HS 1393 Engr APO 709
c/o PM San Francisco, California

Dear Aunty Clara,

Did I ever tell you that I finally received a notification from the Reader's Digest that they had received my change of address? They are pretty nice about answering things like that and make you feel that they are interested in the welfare of their subscribers. They say that in the future all magazines will be addressed to the same address which appears on the postcard and that the post office should forward any magazines addressed to the old address before they had been notified of the change but should the subscriber fail to receive a magazine, they should feel free to write in for a duplicate copy which will be sent out with pleasure.

After I finished writing a letter to the Bernetts and then to Eleanor this afternoon, I began putting another V-mail in my machine to send out to Charley Matcha. I thought it was about two-thirty in the afternoon or so and here it turned out to be five o'clock. It just didn't seem possible but it was so. They had patties down in the mess hall so the Canteen opened up. I, as the ration break down man of the Canteen, had to go down to the kitchen to draw our ration of bread and also got four slices of pineapple for the four of us. Lewis and the other fellows said that four slices wasn't enough for us so he went down to get more which he did for they had a lot of bread left over which they were willing to give out for seconds. We then began heating up the water to make coffee while new additions joined the Canteen by the name of Bill Grauel, Norona (a fellow who works in Lewis's department), and Milligan. The others fellows didn't want any coffee and Sackett had milk, so we had a fairly good cup of hot coffee this evening which tasted just right. (By the way, do you still put cream in your coffee or do you drink it black now?) Then we opened up a can of boned chicken which was delicious to say the least. I myself had two sandwiches just stuff with the stuff and washed it all down with that Nescafe. The other boys had their sandwiches toasted but that toaster (Lewis's hot plate) burns the stuff rather than toasts it so I don't have any of it. After the meal we sat around talking the situation over and listening to the radio.

At length it was time to go to the movies which we did but were sorry for it later. The picture was "Northern Pursuit" with Errol Flynn and Helmut Dantine (who reminds me of Captain Hanton in his looks and build). The picture was good but the sound was awful. They are bragging about how we are going to have the best movie area on the island but I doubt that very much if they continue to have such lousy sound and so many breakdowns. From now on, unless the machine is fixed up, Lewis and I are going to take a truck into the CB outfit and see their pictures which are continuous showing and good sound to boot.

The show was over at about nine bells and we returned to the area where we discovered that the Canteen had closed for the night since George Myers had gone to bed. Sackett was too tired to stay up so he went to bed and Lewis and I went down to the showers to make up for the one we didn't take this morning since we got up so late and there wasn't any water left in the tank at that time anyway. Now I'm sitting here writing this letter with [censored --- see rfk19440806_7.doc] giving me morale support as he watches me pound away on the machine. Here we invited him up to the Canteen for about the third time to have a snack to eat and every time we have done so, the place closes up early and it is no soap. I have only two more letters to write if I want to catch up on my correspondence and they are to Pat and to Charley. I'd like to write to Pat this evening for now I've let three or four days go since receiving those two V-mails.

We missed the Suspense program this evening for the first time in a long time. You know, they have those programs timed out here so that we hear them at the times or near the times we would be hearing them back in the States. Jack Benny comes on at six-thirty and so on.

So-long,   /s/ Roman   Roman