Sgt Roman F. Klick 36620923
HS 1393 Engr APO 709
c/o PM San Francisco, California
23 June 1944

Dear Aunty Clara,

It is not yet ten-thirty so I'll have time to write a second letter today. We had our Retreat Formation after getting off work at three-thirty for it and everything went smoothly during the inspection and I was gigged for nothing. Incidentally, I do not know the fate of the gig in which I was considered as missing Police Call even though I was cleaning the barracks that will probably turn up to be a Sunday Detail --- but it isn't right.

Mrs Boyer's package arrived today in the afternoon's mail along with a few more Daily Newses which I read tonight. The package contained not so much fudge as she led me to believe but rather one box of fig bars, another box of butter cookies, two packages of gum, three packages of cigarettes, a bag of Morrow nuts, a pocket sized book and two sections of the Herald-American.

I thanked her for the package in a short note which I sent out this evening. I also sent a screwball note to Bob, and answers to Aunt-Aunt, Renee and I guess that is all.

The movie this evening was "The Deacon" or something with Bob Burns and which we saw twice before in New Caledonia so I did not stay to see it but did go to hear a Navy band play. The band was good and one of the numbers, sure enough, was "Bethseme Mucho". That song is certainly taking this island by storm if not the United States. They also dedicated one song to this place and suggested that it be the island theme song, "No Love, No Nothing".

The tooth is perfect now and doesn't bother me at all except that it is very unusual to be able to drink ice cold water once again and let the water go on both sides of my mouth. Because of the pain which accompanied the drinking of ice water or ice cream when it touched that sore tooth, I had to learn how to drink so that it didn't touch that spot. That is over now until another tooth begins to act up. Did I tell you about the one bad point and that is that when I smile the old personality smile, the left corner of my mouth shows the empty space and now they are calling me "toothy". I think that everyone in our family has lost that tooth. It is the fourth one upstairs counting from the center bucktooth in the front.

Account of because we can't get powdered milk anymore you had better let up on the sending of malted milk for I doubt if malted milk goes good with plain water and it won't be long until we reach the plain water stage once again. I've been laying off the milk supply I have until your chocolate malt comes. In time we will, no doubt, get some more of the stuff but can't say when.

I didn't know that Jimmy Kotek's brother, Fred, was married. Sometimes I think they are all kind of goofy for tying themselves down that way.

Today wasn't such a very busy day once again at work but starting tomorrow morning and continuing for the next fourteen days, I believe I am going to have plenty to keep myself busy as the OPVs are coming around again and there are other odd jobs to take care of.

The time now is nearing eleven bells and it is high time I take off for the barracks. Just now Lt Suiter walked in with a couple officers and one of them seems to be able to play a guitar rather well. That's just an incidental remark.

/s/ Roman