Sgt Roman F. Klick 36620923
HS 1393 Engr APO 709
c/o PM San Francisco, California
24 June 1944

Dear Aunty Clara,
Saturday Nite

The time now is well past nine o'clock in the evening and not ten minutes ago did I get finished with the job I had outlined for myself in reading thru all the accumulated Daily Newses I had on hand. That is awful to let them go like that but sometimes it just can't be helped and this was one of those times. Twice before I've let the papers pile up like that and I believe you can remember telling you about how I devoted my entire Monday (the old day off) to reading thru them.

To my pleasant surprise I found three Saturday papers in the mess and they are okay with the news section, the comics and the This Week magazine. I put the magazine sections aside for future reading. One thing I accomplished by this wholesale evening of reading was the clearing out of my second drawer of my file cabinet. /The second thing which I accomplished and which I'm not so very satisfied with is that there were no letters written in that time.

All evening long the office was fairly quite as other people were reading or writing letters. But now the story is a bit different. Gideon Conover Holmes the Third is sitting in here, Lewis and Grauel are standing in front of my desk talking so this letter is getting no place fast.

Incidentally, we are all going to go to the midnight show this evening but we have no idea what the movie is yet. Before we go, it will most likely be wise to have a midnight snack of something or another for that is a long time to stay awake without food. O yes, we asked Captain Hanton's permission to take off after eleven o'clock rather than being in our beds for bed check. It was then that he told us it wasn't really a bed check at all ( so we still run true to old A Company form of not having a real true bed check after all) but rather a check of the barracks to see that the lights were all out and that there wasn't any noise going on in the barracks such as dice games or poker parties. For that matter a person doesn't even have to go to bed the whole night long so long as he is fit for duty the next day.

One of the things which I ran across in my readings this evening was the result of the Cicero election and the Chicago primary. So even the Democrats themselves got tired of that George Stredonsky as president and switched over to Sandusky, eh? That Jerry Dolezal has finally managed to get himself a good job too in the political angle of the town. He has certainly fought for an honest to goodness elective position long enough.

Just to be on the good old Republican side, I hope that Green is reelected Governor of Illinois and that Lyons manages to make the Senate.

I knew that there was something else which I wanted to tell you about. That is the fact that we are no longer members of a Canteen. Why? Well, the Supply Tent which George Myers slept in and in which we had our electric lights and electricity for the toaster and the places to loaf around is gone. The whole shebang has moved down to the Motor Pool. At some future date he may come back up when they finally build up a wooden structure for him. It is uncertain whether that will come to pass or not for the Colonel disapproved of the idea on a previous occasion.

So-long,   /s/ Roman   Roman