Sgt Roman F. Klick 36620923
HS 1393 Engr APO 709
c/o PM San Francisco, California
26 June 1944

Dear Aunty Clara,

It is just after supper and this is the first letter I'm writing today. With the exception of one single solitary Daily News about two months old, this was another mail-less day. That leaves me no recourse but to cut down on my own letter writing for I just can't invent correspondents to write to. I imagine that this time the whole bunch of them will come all at one time. However, I feel that I have reached a point where I can handle them as they come in and will probably never again let them reach the ten and fifteen mark that I formerly did. This island has put me in the groove as far as letter writing has gone. Outside of a few letters to you this evening, I really don't have any to write to. O yes, I did say to Pat that I would write one again to her today.

Today has not been a spectacular day in any way. The main bit of work which I did was starting on the OPVs. That is a job which I plan to work on a little bit each day for the next four or five days so that I don't make the thing burdensome or tiresome in any one day, yet by the end of the month I'll have them all finished and won't have to worry about them again for another month.

The meals weren't even exceptional with the usual line of hotcakes, lamb and hash patties. About the only bright lights in the food line were the drink and dessert at the noon meal. Elmer and Merle Harris, two of our cook's, got together for the first time and made a cake. It came out swell just as if they were old hands at baking pastry. The other treat was ice cold tomato juice without pepper in it. Can you imagine this? About ten times out of ten with today's being an exception to the rule, they put pepper into the tomato juice and spoil it so that one would rather have water. But then again that is a matter of personal taste for, in my mind, they spoil the fresh eggs by putting so much salt and pepper on it for I don't use either of the things.

The news came in over the radio today that the Port of Cherbourg was most likely in American hands since reports had been coming in to that effect for quite some time. I believe, that the clearing of the Cherbourg peninsula and the capture of that port marks the close of the first continental campaign and that the next concerted drive will most likely hit Paris although circumstances may alter those plans so that the Allied forces may have to clear the entire Channel Coast of the enemy. Incidentally, speaking about the war reminds me that today we received a Time magazine that has been printed since D-Day and for the first time outside of the local radio press news have we seen the news about the Invasion in print.

Friday is payday and I expect to salt about fifteen or twenty dollars away in Soldier's Deposits this week for I'll receive the largest pay I have ever received since coming into the army and that will be $27.00.

The movie this evening is "Is Everybody Happy?" Now see if you can guess who plays in it. If you didn't guess, Ted Lewis, I don't know what's wrong with you. Sackett tells me that Ted Lewis spent half of his show year in Frisco and it seems to me he must have spent the other half in Chicago, right?