Sgt Roman F. Klick 36620923
HS 1393 Engr APO 709
c/o PM San Francisco, California
26 June 1944

Dear Aunty Clara,

I think I've let the galfriend down for it is about ten-thirty in the evening and I still haven't written the letter which I said I would write. My imaginative brain just doesn't want to work anymore and all I can seemingly write is a straight factual letter.

Before going to the show this evening I discovered that I had time for a short letter and, as a result, took the time to drop Aunty Florence a line. It is also about time that I be sending Uncle Jack another letter.

The show didn't have so much of Ted Lewis himself so was good from that standpoint for I don't think I could have stomached a whole picture with him in it. He is alright but nothing to rave about. The picture is really a story which Ted Lewis tells about his orchestra before and during the war. It was played by a group of little known actors and an actress (Nan Gwynn), who looks quite a lot like Lana Turner at a certain angle. The picture was entertaining and also short, for we came back to the office by eight-thirty. Just before the main picture there was a short with El Brendel and it was just the sort of comedy it was intended to be.

The next movie, Wednesday night, is "The Miracle of Morgan's Creek" with Betty Hutton and Eddie Bracken. I was under the impression that any picture with Betty Hutton in it would be a good one but from the reports I've been getting about this picture, it is a stinkeroo. We shall see.

The radio has been going continuously ever since one o'clock or twelve o'clock this afternoon and they have had a rather good program of music and sketches all the way thru. Most of the music has been soft and sweet with a number of the big name bands playing. Of course, we have a great deal of these recording programs but this afternoon they were all these fifteen minute rebroadcast affairs. It was almost like the old days when the radio plays dance music from nine o'clock on into the bewitching hours.

I forgot to tell you that last night I fixed myself up a Canteen cup of milk sans malt and then dumped in one of those little packages of Grape Nuts into it and it tasted just like any dish of cereal would with ordinary milk. Someplace I have one more package of Grape Nuts and if I find it after writing this letter, I think I'll prepare myself another dish.

Harvey Beaumont came in late this morning just before or after ten bells and talked the situation over with Jack for a bit. He had to leave then and go back to his island but he said that probably next week one of the other boys from Personnel would be down and then every week thereafter for it seems as if the 353d practically runs the Service Command where they are at and they can get permission very easily for making official trips over to see us.

One of the things which I told him to pay particular attention to was seeing Larry Isaacson and asking him what the score was on how come he hasn't written any letters. Another thing which he didn't know was whether or not Larry had gotten his Tec 5 rating back again.

There goes the radio off for the night so I'll just have time to eat the cereal, take a shower and get into bed.

/s/ Roman