Sgt Roman F. Klick 36620923
HS 1393 Engr APO 709
c/o PM San Francisco, California
28 June 1944

Dear Aunty Clara,

Your two V-mails of the 17th and the 21st arrived today. Did I tell you the way I solved the problem of sleeping on top of the foot-locker? I move the bed out about a foot or so and pull the foot-locker out about a half a foot and presto --- it is no longer under the bed and I can sleep in peace.

Yes, Aunty Clara, I can see that you too have the proper conception of just what the army is like. When a person tries to find out why, why, why things are done in the army the way they are --- he might as well just say "It's the Army way" and let it go at that. A lot of times things get that way so you just shrug your shoulders and try to forget it thinking that sometime it will all end and things will be going "the right way" once again.

I doubt if you will get a chance to ever see Pat at the Normandie now for this time she undoubtedly has another job in a defense plant. The chances are, however, that you have passed her on 22nd St or on the "L" a countless number of times, unaware that it was she.

Speaking of those rocket bombs that Germany is sending against England, I have been wondering just what damage it is doing over there. The communiqués merely mention that they came over in heavy concentrations or in scattered blows causing some damage. Perhaps after it can be told, they will say that our entire invasion was momentarily endangered by that secret weapon. However, I believe they have it pretty much under control now since they have a pretty good idea where the rocket ramps are located and can bomb them out of existence. The pilots on our side also seem to be knocking the rocket planes down like clay pigeons. The radio guided plane which you speak of is something new that we haven't heard about here. Perhaps they had the erroneous impression that the rocket planes were guided but in an item in the news, I read that they have absolutely no control over the planes once they have been blasted into the air. You also say that our side should have worked out the weapon first. Well, I guess we pulled a few "firsts" ourselves already such as the Bazooka in North Africa which tore the German tanks to smithereens. They also say that we have introduced a number of "secret weapons" in this invasion but they haven't been identified as yet.

The rug pad which you bought from Mrs Reed is most likely worth the price since it doesn't seem exceptionally high and it makes the rug seem a bit more expensive by that added thickness.

Did I tell you about the show this evening? It is supposed to be "The Miracle of Morgan's Creek" plus a GI stage show.

This part of the letter is being continued after four o'clock as the lunch hour passed by before I could finish it. By the way, I rushed out of the office just as the bugle sounded off so that I could go down and change into my fatigues and by so doing, I cheated myself out of a jeep ride to the Service Command for it was an immediate rush and Bill Grauel went instead. The majority of my rides are just the short distance to the water point and I haven't taken so many rides down to the Service Command. I like those for it is a good distance and is a fairly nice route.

Right now I'm going to see what I can do about getting a letter out to Miss Patricia.

/s/ Roman