Sgt Roman F. Klick 36620923
HS 1393 Engr APO 709
c/o PM San Francisco, California
28 June 1944

Dear Aunty Clara,

The show is over and I enjoyed the picture and the stage show very much. Bill Grauel said that "The Miracle of Morgan's Creek" wasn't a good picture and that I wouldn't enjoy it. Jack, on the other hand, said that I would like it. The reason Bill didn't like it was because Betty Hutton didn't have a song and dance routine in it but played a straight role for a change. It seems to me that all of them turned in a fine job of acting and that the picture was quite dramatic in between the intense comic relief.

The stage show was an all soldiers affair and highly interesting and entertaining. It was a nine man affair with five men running most of the show, four in the band and the MC. Besides them there was a colored dancer, a singer and a knife thrower and his assistant. That probably was the highlight of that show when one soldier stands facing the knife thrower with his back against a wooden frame as the knife thrower outlines his body with the huge (near machete like) knives. I don't want to go into details for I couldn't bring to life the lively patter of the MC or the rhythm of the band but once again the entertainers received a very good ovation from the audience. At the close of the performance the MC said that it was a rare privilege to have been able to show the show at such a fine theater and before such an appreciative audience.

The time between writing the last line to this afternoon's letter and before going to the show were practically spent doing nothing at all. For one thing, I attempted to write Pat a letter but it was no go. I gave that up as a bad job and then tried patching the assorted notes I have taken while listening to the radio and making the completed song, "Bethseme Mucho" out of it. It is sadly lacking in spots but I believe that, if I hear the song two more times, I'll have all the words so that then I can go around amusing myself by singing it.

After supper I discovered that no one had purchased my ration of Pepsi-Cola and, hating to see the ration of eight bottles go to waste, I went in to the Supply Room to draw at least five of them (which at 10¢ per meant 50¢ and, in other words, my total capital). Unfortunately, I did not enjoy them. I've only finished two of them off but Pepsi-Cola just gives you too much for your money whereas a Coke is just enough.

O yes, then I came up to the office intending to write letters but realized that I wasn't going to and walked out immediately. I tried reading one of those pocket books stored away in my field desk but couldn't work up the interest and instead of that I took out a couple of old This Week magazine sections and hied myself off to the theater area where, if you get there early , you can sit in the first row of seats with backs for the officers do not use it. There I was contented to read the magazine until show time.

I'm in the mood for a breakfast food dish right now but there is no cereal and I'll just have to forget it. Perhaps the cooks have some extra boxes of grape nuts laying around the kitchen. If they have, I might as well stock up my larder with a few boxes of them for some midnight snacks n the future.

/s/ Roman